Done training in TR and after checking how it goes - dissappear...How it is possible

Hello Guys,

I am doing a Sweet spot training plan, I’m in the end of the 3th week, and did today evening Carpatian Peak +2, but after training when I had time, I’ve checked how did it go…And I didn’t found it…

SW also asked me - before the start - for update it…

Now its not visible, 1h30min hard work, is there any chance to found this in PC somewhere as a file, or similar to upload the result somehow?


Check your Dropbox, find the file and email support.

Just happened to me last week they can fix it right quick.

Mine was 2 hrs of pain. I know where you are at mentally right now

Thanks, I’ve sent mail to support. Actually I cannot check dropbox, I think I’ve never set it up, even checked at options, where it could be (on PC) and cannot found it. I hope the file still on my PC as a log or hidden file.

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