Don’t be an idiot like me on Zwift! 🤣

Soooo……don’t do what I did this week on Zwift.

I had signed up for the BMTR ride on Sat and the 3R on Sunday. Both endurance rides, both should have been ~2.5 w/kg. Had planned to go with the flyers on BMTR to test the legs a bit before moving back up to the B’s next week, which usually is ~2.8 w/kg.

Struggled both days, but what was weird was my w/kg both days was +3 w/kg and my RPE matched. Bailed on the BMTR ride after 90 min and calibrated the trainer. Didn’t solve the problem and I bailed on the 3R after an hour, completely frustrated.

As I was quitting the 3R ride today, it suddenly hit me….I had been collecting routes earlier in the week and had changed to a gravel bike for one of the routes on Makuri Islands and never changed back to a road bike. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Yes, I am an idiot. :crazy_face:


I often join the pace partner^H^H^H - excuse me, I mean “Robo Pacer” - with a TT bike after Thursday night TTT races. At least it’s a bit easier to pick out visually, so it’s clear the reason for getting no draft in the group.

Ride on!


I’ve done this: joined a group ride at 2.5w/kg. The aim was an easy spin below VT1. I couldn’t work out why I was having to ride at ~3.5w/kg (so low-mid sweetspot) to stay in the group. By the 50 minute mark, with HR close to threshold, I pulled the plug, baffled.

I realised within 10 minutes of getting off: I was riding a TT bike having not changed from an ITT a few nights earlier. So I got no drafting benefit.

I too am an idiot.


I’m yet to actually do a group ride on zwift, so I have a tendency to set my bike/kit to something that I like the look of and then forget to change it for ages. I’ll remember for races, but I’ve ruined more than a few segment attempts by being on a TT bike up AdZ or something similar. Makes for a good excuse when I miss out on a top spot on the leaderboard though.