Doing a mtb stage race on your own

I was signed up to do a five day stage race in the French Alps this June. Was riding as a pair. This race has now been postponed until end Sept and the organiser has said that people can now ride as individuals if necessary which I would have to do as my partner can’t manage this time of year.
If it does go ahead a big part of me fancies the adventure of going on my own. I’m just wondering if anyone on here does this sort of thing. I wouldn’t know anyone but when I’d had mini adventures on my own like bivy trips, I’ve always met lovely people en route.
Looking for a bit of ressurance I guess.

Im sure there will be other singles out there. In fact, Im sure the organizers would try and get you to pair up. Even if unofficially for safety. Like every group ride or race. There will be someone at you pace and skill. Just pair with them. On the flip side, if you pair with someone that doesnt have your skill or ability but help them through a stage, you will be that persons HERO. Either way you will have a mate for life.

Last year i did the Trans Alp in the Alps (7 day MTB stage race)

Started in a pair but my partenr dropped out on the first day (long story) so did the rest of the race on my own.

It was OK, probably 50% of the time there was someone to ride and chat with, nobdy blanked me even in the evneing camp and dinner.

It was great, I’d say go for it.

@grawp Hi, I have done a total 6 MTB stage races here in Europe.
I would ask:
What are your objectives?

What is your fitness and tecnical ability?

What are the perameters of the race? Distance, tecnical difficulty, number of participants, UCI sanctioned or not, Is the course marked or is it GPS only?

And finally have you raced MTB stage races in Europe before?

With these questions answered I can give you some detailed advice. If you like.

Not sure where you are from but make no mistake to assume if you dont speak French that you are going to find plethora of English speakers you are in France. That dose not mean folks arent friendly they are because they are MTBrs. Just dont assume they will all speak English they wont.