Does TrainerRoad's Tri plans push workouts to running watches?

Looking for a running and cycling training plan, one that pushes the workouts to the running watch and head unit. I know TR now integrates well with head units, tried that out a year ago, was getting really good. I want the same experience for running. Anything else that does if not?

No the run workouts are just a text recommendation of what to do.

There is no push or pull of run or swim workouts it’s all manual.

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Ah shame… well there goes that!

What do runners do, is there some platform that syncs training plans to running watches and is modern-looking, maybe showing interval blocks on the watch etc like we have as cyclists?

Usually the run workout are not hard to follow and have a set of instructions that can be easily input into any modern tri watch.

TP is an alternate. Garmin has a workout builder that you can use. Most match makers have their own platforms to build workouts… will push both running and cycling workouts to Garmin and a few other brands but you have to create your own workouts, or hire a coach.