Does the difficult feedback from today's training session cause the adaptive training to become less intense?

After I completed the workout today, it felt harder according to my state assessment, but I could live with the intensity and set the 5 levels of difficulty to 3.0.
When I set it, the software didn’t consult me as to why I felt it was difficult, and I found this to be moderately difficult, not particularly hard or easy. But trainerroad ai dropped the difficulty a bit for all the later workouts, I’m not sure what the logic is here.
Also, I have another question about the garmin code table, during my training I can see that the code table training tss value is the same as the trainerroad value, but at the end of the training, the garmin shows that my training load may be as high as 200-300, especially for the vo2max training, I don’t know which one should be used as a benchmark for the tss!
Third question, when I’m training vo2max, for the high power phases, do you guys use resistance mode mode mode or erg mode, for example trainerroad requires that at this point in time my power output is 250W, and I may go beyond that to 300W or more, is that correct or should I train at the exact power required.
Thanks guys, hope this answers my question.

Hey @Hugh_Laurie :slight_smile:

Post-Workout Survey & Adaptive Training

It sounds like you are talking about the Post-Workout Survey you marked as Hard after you completed Temple’s Threshold 4.2 workout, which by the way, you crushed it!! :muscle:

If so, then the system didn’t ask why it felt hard because it’s meant to be hard. Based on your current Threshold Progression Level, this was a Stretch Difficulty Level for you.

Stretch workouts are further above your Progression Level than Productive ones and will be tough in relation to your current fitness. While doable, they are challenging to do consistently and require additional focus on recovery.

Also, by looking at your Calendar, Adaptive Training actually raised your subsequent Workout Levels. For example, after completing Temple, your Threshold Progression Level went from 3.1 to 4.1, thus signaling Adaptive Training to recommend workouts at that new level. You can see on your Calendar that your next Threshold workout is Reinstein with a level of 4.5. The same logic would apply to other power zones like SS, VO2 Max, etc…

Garmin Code Table

It sounds like you’re dual recording with a Garmin head unit while performing a TR Indoor training session. If you are following a TR training plan, which I see you are, it’s probably best to follow the TSS on TR.

Trainer Modes

It depends! ERG trainers perform a brief ramp-up to an interval’s target power. For longer, less-intense intervals, this ramp-up is hardly noticeable. However, this ramp is more pronounced for short, high-intensity intervals. If an interval is between five and 20 seconds, you may want to consider riding in Resistance mode to avoid any lag time in reaching their target watts.

It’s best to follow the prescribed power targets when performing interval training, but it’s not uncommon to go above the power target at the beginning of an interval. On ERG Mode, the trainer should adjust the resistance to get you back down to the actual power targets, but on Resistance Mode, you have to regulate it yourself.

Here is more info about trainer modes and how they work: Smart Trainer Modes Explained

Thank you for your response, it is very clear.
The only question is that in vo2max training I should be training as much as possible at the power required for the workout rather than using higher intensity power in resistance mode, am I understanding correctly.
If I use full power output, maybe the difficulty feedback will be set to 3 or 4, if I train exactly to the course, the difficulty feedback should be 2. Not sure how this will make a difference to trainerroad ai in the later scheduling of the courses

If you are using Resistance Mode, ideally, you’ll want to adhere to the power targets during the workout. If you are using ERG Mode, the trainer adjusts the resistance automatically so that you stay at the power target.

If by difficulty feedback numbers you are referring to Progression Levels, then as long as you successfully complete the workouts from the training plan, you will advance your Progression Levels.

For example, right now, your VO2 Max Progression Level is 3.9. Once you complete your next VO2 Max 5.3 workout on the 9th, your VO2 Max Progression Level will go from a 3.9 to a 5.3.

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