Does new Vector 3s require a ramp test?

In the middle of a training plan and just bought /installed vector 3s pedals.

Do I need to do another ramp test using to get a new ftp or is there no issue with continuing with current settings?


From no power to power, I would retest. If you were on power before do a couple sessions and see if it feels right. If it feels wrong retest.

I should have mentioned that I use a Tacx Flux and just wondering if Trainerroad switched to using the power from the Vector pedals if there would be any impact due to the source of the measuring.

Apologies for not being clear in my original post

Yes - any time you change the power source you should retest


I just started using Vector 3s this week. I am just finishing my 4th week of SSBMV II, so I am about 10 weeks into the plan. Up to this point, I have been using a Kickr Core paired with TR.

After installing the Vectors, I re-assessed with a ramp test using the Vectors as a power source. My FTP did adjust about 10% up with the new source.

Where I am having difficulty is the erratic resistance on the trainer. When I compare the TR ride with the data from my Garmin Edge 520, the average power and normalized power are about the same…it’s just that I seem to be spending a lot of time pushing more watts than I should be for 10 or 20 seconds at a time. This is especially frustrating when working at Threshold where I supposed to be at 95% - 99%, but I am at 105% - 110%, sometimes even higher for significant blocks of time. I also seem to be getting a lot more “dropouts” than I should. I am wondering if it’s my old PC, my old ANT stick, or just sloppy pedalling. I have a new Garmin ANT+ stick on order (arriving today). Maybe that will help smooth things out, and reduce the amount of data dropouts I am experiencing (the ANT stick I have been using is pretty old…maybe even 1.0).

Just wondering if you’ve experienced anything similar? Any suggestions?

It’s a bit weird at first, because the resistance takes much longer to adjust with powermatch. I noticed that since getting the Assiomas I’m paying much more attention to my cadence. And by the end of each effort the average power is usually within one or two watts of the target, so nothing to worry.

I only had a few dropouts m. I’m using an ANT+ stick with an extender cable from my Mac, and all the sensors are paired through it. That seems to help, according to some other posts in the forum. And apparently there was an issue with the Assiomas firmware, but it was solved with an upgrade. Not sure about the Vector 3.

If you want to do a deep dive, use your head unit with the new pedals, your trainer with trainer road for a couple of workouts. Save both power meter outputs in Dropbox, then you can pull them into DC Rainmaker’s analysis tool and do a direct comparison. You’ll know for sure how different the pedals are with the trainer and decide whether a new ramp test is in order. I just went through this with a wahoo Kickr 17 and assioma pedals. My FTP went from 300 to 180.

I noticed the same thing with PowerMatch. What I did was go into the Kickr app to powermatch the Kickr through ANT+ with my power meter and it has been much smoother.