Does it really matter which plan I follow?


I have just looked at the mid volume 40k TT speciality plan. It lasts 8 weeks and it is tough.

However, i have also just looked at the Century mid volume plan. It also looks tough and lasts 8 weeks.

But, at first glance i cant really see that much difference between the two.

Maybe i am not looking closely enough, but it seems a number of workouts are very similar.

Maybe i also don’t yet fully appreciate any subtle differences in these plans and others of similar volume.

Is there a way to get a better overview of the work ahead, so i means more meaningful and understandable to me?

Otherwise it seems I’m just moving along somewhat blind and almost hoping it will be right.
Also is there a write-up on the logic behind how each week’s are structured?

I hope my questions make sense. I only have 5 or 6 hours max to train and i want to fully utilize that.


Usually clicking on “Week Tips” will give an expanded view of the week with some rationale behind the workouts.


First a question, why are you looking into the Specialty plans right now?

I ask because the general assumption is following a typical TrainerRoad approach as follows:

  1. Start with Base that lasts 12 weeks
    • Either Sweet Spot or Traditional, depending on direction and needs.
  2. Move on to Build that last 8 weeks
    • This works to set more growth from the Base and set the bulk of your needs for the Specialty to follow.
    • This is selected with consideration of the Specialty and your particular needs.
  3. Finish with Specialty that last 8 weeks
    • This hones the final shape of your fitness with the intent of taking part in an A-event a the final Sunday of the schedule.

It would help us to know more about your overall goal and timing, so we can make more useful recommendations.


40k TT: 1x VO2max, 1x Sweet Spot, 2x Threshold

Century: 1x Sweet Spot, 3x Threshold

Similar hours and TSS.
Choose the one that will best suit whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. :+1:

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Hey @colonio!

The 40K TT plan and the Century plan have quite a lot in common due to the nature of the two events.

Both events require an extremely constant, sustained power output, therefore, the demands of the plans are pretty similar. 40K TT has some minor differences that are more suited to the shorter duration of a Time Trial though, but the differences can be tough to spot.

If you look at the 40K TT plan vs the Criterium Plan, you will notice much more significant differences.

As Chad mentioned, our plans are designes to be completed in a full Base>Build>Specialty progression, so you will want to complete the Base and Build Phases before you need to decide on a Specialty Phase :+1:

If you could share with us your plans for the season and the events you’re targeting, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.



Thanks for the great replies.

OK the similarities between the TT and the Century plan make more sense now Bryce.

Thank you.

I am looking quite far ahead as I am eager to ensure I don’t go off track too much with the training.

I have basically done the SSB mid volume 1 but I have extended it a few weeks as I have been doing quite a bit of external riding in amongst it. However I don’t want to miss any of the specific workouts on SSB mid volume 1, so I will ensure I do them all.

Probably in a week’s time I will start SSB mid vol 2.

This will last 6 weeks and take me up to mid to late March approx.

Then build phase (probably Sustained Power Build). This takes another 8 weeks.

So that takes me to end of May.

Then I plan to do the 40K TT speciality phase. That takes another 8 weeks.

So already that is up to end of July pretty much. Phew!!! That’s lots of work :slight_smile:

My main focus is being more competitive in 10 mile and 25 TT events. These are mainly on flatter and slightly rolling courses. Every week starting in May onwards I could do 10 mile and 25 mile TT’s as there are so many to choose from.

I don’t have an A race as such, but want to steadily progress and perhaps peak in July and August and hopefully nail some good times. I currently come in the top 20 or so out of fields of 50 to 100. I am hoping to bag a few top 10’s this year.

My way of thinking is that I want to do my club 10 most weeks starting in May and perhaps 2 other ‘Open’ 10’s or 25’s each month from May onwards.

Basically I will be substituting a TR workout for a TT race etc that week.

I am hoping I can still make progress this way as I don’t want to stop racing, just so that I am better in July & August. I enjoy racing too much.

My activity target is to race about fifteen 10 mile TT’s and about ten 25 mile TT’s during the spring and summer.

Accordingly I wanted to ensure I could pick a plan I can stick too, or at least modify a little so that my objectives are not compromised. I know that the TR training I have done already is benefiting.

Any suggestions here, or do you think I am on the right track.?


Sustained Power Build and then the 40k TT is the way forwards for that sort of season. The bump in fitness from Build should mean that you can compete effectively while you are honing your power and position during the Specialty phase.
I assume you’re in the UK (the references to “Club 10” and “Open” events give it away)? I suspect there are quite a few UK TTers here - I’m another one.

Edit - I’m wondering how you’re planning on mixing the training together with competing most weeks - will you substitute a race for a TR ride, and if so are you going to do extra to maintain the TSS? I didn’t race very often last year, but I want to do a local series this year, so that means racing one evening a week most weeks…

Hi Duncan.

Yes mainly UK based, but I spend maybe a month a year in the USA and may enter one or two there if I find any (on a borrowed bike).

I will adjust the TR calendar a bit each week depending upon how well I recover. I think a 10 mile TT shouldn’t stop me doing a full TR workout the next day. A 25 mile TT will be done instead of one of the weekend workouts.

I don’t worry too much about TSS. Maybe I should but I go more on how I feel and whether I think I will recover. But the races will be the priority not the workout.