Does anybody have any HIIT training plans mapped out using TR workouts

Short post:
Does anyone have any custom training plans following an HIIT approach using the TR workout library that they could share?

Long post:
Summer is almost done in Ottawa. You can tell because my TR account now shows me doing workouts and is not just imported MTB rides from Strava. I have been Instructing since May, 3 to 5 days a week on top of 3 or more personal rides, and this has returned excellent fitness and the highest TSS I have ever had.

I signed up for a 5 day MTB stage race next summer, the Quebec Singletrack Experience, and I am starting to plan training now.

My current thinking is that I want to try an HIIT structured plan, and see if I like it and I can determine any short term progress or gains.

Has anyone ever developed their own HIIT plan using TR workouts?
Any thoughts (Chad) on what TR training plans are similar to a HIIT structured plan?

Before you jump on me and say that’s not how you do it, that is what I want to do, because I love using TR and the calendar now. (I have updated my previous “calendar sucks” post to this effect too). I realize I can create my own custom workouts and I will do that. But I would like to use some variation to avoid boredom, so I want to use the TR workouts that matches the overall loading and intensity principles of a structured, periodized training approach.

Does anyone have any custom training plans following an HIIT approach using the TR workout library that they could share?

Anybody want to come along for the ride?

I’ve had a great season on the trails this year, but I have to say, I am excited to get back on my KICKR with trainer road and step it up.

Maybe I deserve the pain?



Have you looked at the Time Crunch set of plans? ( they’re generally speaking 45 minute HIIT workouts, so even if you’re not interested in following the actual plan, likely give a good base to jump off from. The progression is pretty non-existent so you’d want to play around with +1 versions a bit.

Alternatively the criterium plans are all mostly HIIT style sessions with proper periodization and progression, and the low volume version ( is entirely HIIT.

Or are you looking for something a little different?


How would you differentiate TR from HIIT?

I’m currently part way through the short power build plan which is almost all V02 max. I’d consider that to be HIIT but maybe I’m wrong

If you’re looking at a full year the SSB I isn’t all that full of intensity. But I’d say handle with care to @Juarez because doing HIIT all year round can be detrimental psychologically. Motivation is going to suck the life out of you in February/March if you start now.

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So how do you characterize HIIT? Is it not high intensity regardless of duration?

I’d say that HIIT for me is above sweetspot. SSB II is more HIIT but generally I’d classify HIIT as doing threshold work and above. So not 94% threshold but 96%++ at least.

So I wouldn’t differentiate TR from HIIT because TR has a lot of workouts in HIIT-manner. Nearly all build and speciality-phases consist of HIIT. And you surely won’t be able to do more than 3 HIIT-workouts/week if you want any type of quality if you’re not block-periodizing but that’s a whole different ballpark and diskussion.

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TR already has its own HIT Maintenance plans (not just ‘time crunched’ linked to already):

Training Plans -> Speciality -> Enthusiast -> Maintenance

Low, Mid & High Volume I & II, ie. six plans.

Is this what you’re after?


I was thinking of simpler 4x6 or 8 minute structures as a starting point. I was just starting to review the various plans to assess which ones match my intended stress, duration and intensity requirements.

I’ll look closely at what you’ve suggested.


I agree and the more intense work is what I’m looking for. Still learning and planning. I may try to do less variations with simpler 4x6 (or 8) intervals workouts.

Lots more to look at…


It’s close, maybe it is HIIT, I’m not sure.
That what I did to end my 20 weeks last year.

Right now I’m just planning based on the watt/kg plans and looking to follow the supplied duration, intensity and stress targets.