Does adaptive training factor in ramp rate?

How much (if at all?) does adaptive training factor in ramp rate? Logically, it seems like would be just as important as progression levels for individual workouts, just on a much broader level.

Unfortunately, I’ve not personally seen any AT recommendations that would indicate that ramp rate is being fed into the algorithm.

Ramp Rate is a key component of how each plan is designed. It’s an essential part of determining what Adaptive Training recommends. To fine-tune this to your unique abilities and needs, we look at your performance and survey responses. This allows us to make customised adaptations

Well, Progression levels themselves are a built-in ramp rate. Higher progression levels than last week equals positive ramp rate. If you are referring to rides outside what TR knows about as your “plan” then yeah, It’s probably not considering your non-planned rides.

You are close, but a few clarifications.

  • Progression Levels are merely a rating. It is a relative value that allows for a determination of the difficulty between various workouts.

  • Ramp Rate itself is baked into the TR Training Plans. There are initial steps in the PL for workouts from week to week, within a given training Zone. We don’t know specifics, but these Ramp Rates may or may not factor in things like Age that try has per user account info.

  • Beyond that, users with Adaptive Training enabled will potentially get variation in their Ramp Rate as they move through the plans, based upon their performance & survey responses. It’s possible that TR AT will kick up or down the Ramp Rate in an effort to keep a “positive trajectory” for the rider if possible.