Do You Train Calves During Your Strength Training Routine?

Hi everybody.

Do you include any calves specific exercise in your strength training routine? I am especially doing strength training to prevent injuries. Because, in the middle of every previous seasons, I had to reduce my cycling training because of some injuries, including calves. So I am wonder about if I get any advantage of adding calves specific exercise into my routine.

My Routine:
Barbell Squat
Hip trust
Single leg press

Bench press
Shoulder press
Lat pulldown
Side bend

I think the question you have to ask is if the reason you’re having issues with your calves is due to them being weak, or is it a fit / pedal stroke issue (how your foot is coming across the bottom of your pedal stroke).

It could also be they’re overly tight and actually need some stretching and lengthening.

I like to break up weight training with other forms of strength training, and some of the HIIT work does a number on my calves (anything with jumping, like jump squats).

Can you describe your calf injuries? Tear or strain?
Sometimes what we think is the calf, is actually hamstring tendinitis or Achilles tendinitis.

There is no harm in adding some jump roping. Start slow though.

Calve or Achilles injuries can be a result of having the cleats too far forward which puts much more strain on them, or increasing volume too quickly when they are not used to it.

I would also think having the seat too far back or too high could also be triggers.