Common to strain hamstring when strength training?

I’m kind of venting (At myself) and kind of asking a question. Now that i strained my hamstring during strength training (curse you dumb bell split lunges), i just got to wondering if this is a common mistake/common situation for an amatuer cyclist to be in when they take up strength training. Or maybe this is a “beware, I did this stupid thing and you might, too” kind of post. I swear I started gradually (started 1/4/22) and went through different “phases” to build endurance and strength capacity. Kind of angry at myself that i strength train to prevent injury and I get injured, and now the weather outside is so darn nice.

Anyway, be good to your hamstrings when taking up a more serious strength training regime. I think we have such other strength in our legs that you can unknowingly take on more weight than you should. If you can’t lift with awesome form, don’t do it (that’s harder with a dynamic movement like a split lunge). That is all. Thanks for letting me complain.

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Maybe use less weight next time and stay within your range of motion. Or use no weight and full range of motion? Strains can happen to everyone especially when weight training, it doesn’t help seeing these strength gurus on social media showing some crazy combo moves and call them “cycling specific” you don’t have to do combo moves to weight train. IMO
Keep it simple and effective

always learn the movement, before adding weight.

I did a dumbbell workout last Wednesday (step ups, kettlebell swings, walking lunges) and the doms hit me hard the day after and stayed with me until Sunday. I was already doing the step ups and lunges so it must have been the kettlebell swings. It felt like nothing at the time (3x10 reps). I should have started slower. :slight_smile:

It’s not common at all.

I have just done the Fascat strength program, which I found to be excellent. I had no recent strength training and my squats and leg press were hugely limited by my hamstring tightness; I actually thought I’d pulled one doing a leg press with no weight on the first day. The program is very clear to start on zero weight and add a tiny bit each day. After around a month, my hamstrings sorted themselves out and I made big strength gains. I’m not sure yet if I will be faster on the bike as a result, but I’m totally sold on the fact it has strengthened my hamstrings dramatically and it is worth it for that alone. So yes, I fully recognise this problem, and I think that off bike resistance training is the solution, but you have to take it slow to start with.