Do you cry out loud?

Do you cry out loud when your legs start burning in the end of a hard interval? Sometimes when I feel I cannot finish the last one or two intervals I often I just cannot keep quiet.



I’m too busy cussing to cry


It’s usually a combination of the interval and the youtube video. That video about the first women’s Paris Roubaix hit hard. There were tears.

Sometimes it’s just loud cussing and a self pep talk. Other times its “get me a shot of pickle juice” SOS beacon to the spouse.

I guess to answer your question… yes, there have been tears on the bike.

I occasionally moan after a VO2 interval when I feel that I cannot catch my breath. Freaks my wife out, so I try not to though.

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Swearing boosts your power output!

Edited to add: by how much? 24 watts according to the study!


Saying the F word and telling yourself to harden up works. And good music helps with earphones.

What if you call someone you don’t like and then start swearing? Does your power go up even more?


No, but I weep a little after AI FTP snaps me back to reality.

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Does yelling something that sounds like “aaarrrghhhhhh” count as crying? If so, yes. (also swearing)


It’s not exactly crying, but I do make weird noises that one could categorize as adult entertainment, yes.


It’s more of a slightly audible whimper for me.

Yes sometimes I can cry or is it sweat, I don’t know

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“I’m not crying, it’s just my eyes sweating”

hat tip to Flight of the Conchords


Same. Unfortunately, I do occasionally shout “Come on, get in there” round about the same time. I am of course talking to my legs. I have to hope that no neighbours are near the garage when I do it.

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Every time this thread appears near the top I see Meatloaf and his handkerchief.

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Oh yeah, it’s a mix between a loud audible exhale, grunt, cry, and inaudible swear. Freaks out my girlfriend every time

i say ‘owwwwwwww’ a lot. especially at the top of a climb

I do it at times. Even though English is my second language, for some reason it feels particularly satisfying to drop an “aaaarrrghhh MF” when pushing super hard at the end of an VO2MAX climb or interval. I also use the Spanish equivalent :slight_smile:

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At the end of my last century I was shouting “Come on legs”, “Don’t you F-ing dare!”

(They kept threatening to cramp on me!) :smile: