Do Ice Baths Kill Gains? Hot Takes with Ivy! – Ask a Cycling Coach 395

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RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: Do Massage Guns Work, Fainting, Peaking, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 393 - Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - TrainerRoad

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Hot take, listeners actually like and prefer an intro!


Yes!! Doesn’t have to be long, but something. And if you’re not going to bring it back (please bring it back) at least put something in the show notes about who’s on this week.


Yeah, it hasn’t appeared on my podcast feed yet, but checking in on YT it is super stark jumping straight in.


… Especially if one of the people has the wrong info under him! Crazy


How do i try TR free for 30 days as your post above states?

All i can see is that i have to sign up and pay with a 30 day refund if unsatisfied on offer.


“Risk Free” is the key part of what you quoted.

It’s about the refund option within the 30-day period. There is not a purely “free” trial option.


Great Hot Take Episode! Ryan’s callout at the top of the Spratt Brothers (twins in fact) was a pleasant surprise as they are two great people that happen to be very very good at riding at the pointy end.

I’d take Rice Crispy treats as a very “Ride Fast, Eat Trash” item from gas stations if single serve pop tarts aren’t available that is.


Participated in a study on male vs female responses to ice baths earlier this year (I’m not a physiology guy so my understanding of the hypothesis is murky at best, but something to do with differences in body comp/ fat percentages and core temp, as well as perhaps some psychological impacts resulting from the latter.) Will hopefully remember to post the results when they’re published as I found it pretty interesting and it attempts to address the usual sex gap in sports research participation.

FWIW: my n=1 (female) was that they did sweet FA, and i hate the cold so it would probably have to be a fairly noticeable difference for me to think it was worth it. :joy:


“UCI needs to stop banning things; dropper posts and other innovations are awesome!” - on the podcast

“It’s insane, TT bikes should be banned from stage races unless you’re cat 1!” - same podcast members



I’d be fine with a no switching rule for TT. So mid course changes from TT to climbing bike nixed.

Hot take: If UCI triple team entry costs, they should triple the prize purse


+1 on this for all my female rider/racer/athlete friends. It’s super frustrating to hear that even women research scientists are reluctant to have inclusive studies because adding females to the study is “so much more work…” :roll_eyes:

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If you had a male study and it turned out a load of the participants were taking different exogenous hormonal supplements on a daily basis but all different ones and at different times and schedules, you’d probably throw the research in the bin. What else is the contraceptive pill?

I think in these cases what the researchers are saying is equality is the enemy of the progression of knowledge. This is a bit of a morose idea, but it doesn’t make it less of an issue.

Not to mention the same pill taken by a different person can act very differently, so does that factor into the study as well? It sure as heck has the potential to skew findings.

I 100% get that the complexity is through the roof, but is there nothing to be done at all? Just skip it because it’s too hard?

The subject is a gravitational singularity of an issue and we’re not going to solve it on the TR forums (because it’s already been discussed at length) but we should continue to acknowledge that there are a lot of athletes who are only getting part of the picture on performance impacts due to biology making research more complex.

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i heave heard about ice baths but i kinda do not like that. Nor for me

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If you have to ask…

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Another great episode. Ryan is a great guest and loved the chill fun vibe of the episode. Keep them coming!



They were saying at a stage race that TT bikes should be banned. Their opinion was saying there is a stage race set up like a Friday road race, Saturday crit, and Sunday TT, unless you’re a pro, you can only ride a road bike.