Do I fill the defecit?

What should I do when I finish a day and have a couple of thousand calories deficit? I use I powermeter, myfitnesspal and did a metabolic test so I have a pretty decent idea of accuracy. However, days when I’m at work and did a big morning workout (adding about 4000 KJ) I end the day up with a lot of calories deficit and not feel hungry.
Taking into account that the next day is rest or easy day…should I eat more (high quality off course) to get ‘closer’ or should I just be fine with the deficit?
Dont crucify my, but my goal is to lose about 6kg and get to my race weight of 76kg and increasing my ftp. I did listen to the podcast stating that is ‘difficult’, but I do have excess fat! Currently doing general build mid volume.

First question is where did the 4000 kcal workout number come from? A power meter? What type of workout is this?

In general, eating to satisfy REAL hunger, eating whole foods, no sugar, no alcohol should help in this journey to lose a couple kgs.

4000 kcal is one hell of a workout!

this, a 4000kcal workout is basically all day on the bike for me, a 4hr TR workout only burnt 2,400kcals

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See what I did there? Mixed the kj and cal around. 4012 KJ!! so around 900 kcal. So it should read a bit better. Will go edit on top now.
The real nr. are from Tacx neo, e.g. Baird +6 at 280 ftp. So it should be fair

That sounds a lot better!

If you are using MFP then concentrate on getting all your nutrients and a decent amount of protein

That’s more like it! You won’t lose weight without a calorie deficit, so I wouldn’t try to fill one if you’re not hungry. Make sure you’re fuelled for your hard workouts and so long as you feel like you have enough energy then I wouldn’t worry about it. So long as the weight loss is slow and steady, you should be able to manage it without losing power. Try and lose the weight in a month and you’ll more than likely lose some muscle mass.