Do carbs during the workout affect how much fat you might burn?

I’m trying to eat better and drop some weight, and I’ve definitely found that some carbs during my workouts and longer rides really help. I’m interested in trying the 90-100g in a bottle approach and seeing if that helps as much for me as it seems to for lots of folks around here.

My question is this…does taking in all those carbs affect the amount of fat I would have otherwise burned during the ride? Say I would burn 400 cals of carbs and 300 of fat per hour…would taking in 400 cals/100g of carbs just cause that to be used instead of the stored glycogen, or would I burn stored carbs too and therefore less fat?

I want to be better at burning fat on longer rides and want to drop a good bit of weight so any thoughts are very much appreciated!

Not a scientist here.

My understanding however is that you always burn fat, unless you go completely anaerobic.
Easier your ride is, the less amount of glycogen stores you dip into.

It is safe to say that if you an athlete that specialises in endurance sports, your brain is already VERY good at utilising both fat and glycogen.