Do Achievable rides raise FTP?

When I do “achievable” workouts my progression levels don’t increase. Does this mean that the AI won’t register an increase in my FTP?

Yes, do enough volume of “Achievable” workouts over time and that can lead to an increase in FTP.

Don’t worry about what AI thinks about your workout in every scenario and don’t worry about trying to game the system. Not everything is supposed to be hard or productive.


Hey @Reevo,

Good question!

Adaptive Training will assign a variety of workouts at different difficulty levels typically ranging from “Recovery” to “Productive” and sometimes even “Stretch.”

It’s not sustainable to try to raise your Workout Levels with each and every workout which is why you’ll often see “Achievable” workouts on your schedule. These help to balance out your week and serve as solid workouts that keep your fitness up while still allowing you to have the energy to knock out those harder “Productive” or “Stretch” workouts without taking on too much overall stress throughout your week.

One really clear example of this is our 40k TT plan which has 3 Threshold workouts each week. If you look at the Workout Levels in the image below, you’ll see that there are a mix of levels between weeks 5, 6, and 7 which means that you’re going to have both Achievable and Productive workouts each week. By the end of week 5, you would in theory have a level 3.0 PL, but week 6 starts with a level 2.6 workout before moving up to 3.0 and then 3.5. This is because, again, attempting to constantly take on Productive workouts with levels above your current PL isn’t sustainable, and Achievable workouts are certainly beneficial and have their place in your training.

Just remember that Achievable workouts can have a Workout Level that is the same as your current PL so even though the word “achievable” might make them sound easy, they can still require a really solid effort. If you look at the image above again, none of those workouts are going to be easy per se. That level 3.0 workout that you knocked out on week 5 isn’t going to be a walk in the park in week 6. :sweat_smile:

AI FTP Detection is aware of this and it takes into account the expected difficulty of each workout along with your post-workout survey responses among many other things when considering your FTP.

Let me know if this helps!


Agree with both the above.

When I was coached (rather than using TR), the incremental difference between sessions from week to week would perhaps barely raise the workout difficulty level by 0.1 in Trainerroad terms. So pretty much all workouts would have been graded “achievable” week on week, rather than even productive or stretch. But following a winter of consistent training, nudging the needle up really gradually, my FTP had always gone up.

You don’t need to smash yourself to new heights every day of every week. Or even week on week.


This was really helpful thank you