DIY Sports powder carb drinks - please share your recipe

All I remember is a Mythbusters episode (can’t find on YouTube) where Adam showed a fatal amount of powdered caffeine and it didn’t seem like a lot.


I bought 250 pills/tablets 200mg of caffeïne for like 15 euro.

Just so happens to be that 200mg is almost 3mg/kg for me, so good dose to start long endurance rides.
Then I grind another pill to mix in my drink, for a 4hr ride that’s another almost 0,75 mg/kg/hr.

This way I don’t really have to worry about accidentally adding a whole gram or something and not sleeping for three nights.


Not sure to ask here or to create a separate thread… But what about recovery drinks?

I have been using an off the shelve recovery mix after most exercises. This contains about 34g of carbs (of which 4g sugars) and 20g of protein (mix of whey concentrate and whey isolate) and a bunch of vitamines and electrolytes.

I increase the dose based on type of exercise and amount of wholefood taken after exercise.

What if I wanted to mix my own, what are the recommendations?


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If using powdered caffeine, it won’t be particularly soluble in cold water. I’d also wonder, but too lazy to look up, what the bioavailability of caffeine in pill form is.

Point is…. Won’t do you any good if it’s a precipitate at the bottom of your bottle, or if it passes through the GI and doesn’t get absorbed.

Good news is caffeine has been studied extensively so y’all can figure it out easily enough.

I’m, sadly, a caffeine non-responder. Have done a bunch of experiments over the years and it doesn’t do squat for me :disappointed_relieved:

You need to measure in weight not volume. 1/2 cup of malto and 1/4 cup fructose is not meeting the 2:1 or 2:0.8 ratio. You need to use a kitchen scale to measure the 2 powders

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True. I used a kitchen scale the first couple of times to confirm that it is close enough to 2:1 for me. I’m just under 4 w/kg so the marginal gains of hitting exactly 2:1 (or 1:0.8) aren’t worth it to weigh every single time. I’d benefit far more from actually consuming 90g/hr, sleeping a lot more, and maybe shedding a few pounds.

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I just had a somewhat hilarious realization. With pure cane sugar being 1:1 fructose to glucose, I could just make Koolaid, add some salt, and have a near perfect hydration mix (exempting, of course, the artificial flavors and food coloring).

Koolaid… who would have thunk it?

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Tea bags are what I use. This is a relatively high-caffeine option (relative to normal tea, or to caffeinated gels etc): Celestial Seasonings | Black Energy Black Tea | FREE 1-3 Day Delivery

The rest is probably maltodextrin which acts like a sugar (high GI).

Recovery mixes like this probably aren’t necessary for most folks, unless you’re doing 2-a-day.

Might be a bit healthier and just as effective to use whey protein plus some fruit in a smoothie.

But certainly can’t beat the ease of that sort of thing.

Biggest message: post-workout nutrition specific matter MUCH less than pre- and intra-workout specifics for endurance athletes. The only exception to this rule is when that post-workout meal is also a pre-workout meal in the case of a 2-a-day.