Distance and average watts mismatch confused

I have completed a rise with 20 watt higher average but the speed and distance is less than previous a previous easier ride with less watts. Any suggestions as to why this would be the case??

The short answer is that ‘distance’ recorded from a trainer ride requires some assumptions to be made - since you’re not actually going anywhere…

There’s more background here:

If you search the forum, you’ll find many threads on this. The TL;DR is that the ‘distance’ that’s recorded depends how fast you end up spinning the flywheel on your turbo, and so is linked to the gear you’re in - unless you actually have a separate speed sensor rigged up independently of your turbo.


Completely normal, if its indoors a lower power session will have lower resistance and allow the trainer freewheel to spin more. Distance/speed indoors is all theoretical anyway. My low powered sessions will spin at circa a theoretical 23mph but higher power sessions will struggle to see a theoretical 15mph.
If its outdoors there’s lots of other elements to vary the power/distance relationship.

Thanks for the reply. What you described is exactly what I was experiencing. Didn’t make sense but your explanation makes sense!!! Cheers

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