Display workout description or link workout detail view in finished ride summary (Feature Request)

Especially in mobile, when looking at past workouts (Ride summary), its sometimes difficult to make out the length of intervals when looking at past completed workouts. The summary of intervals also skips rest periods making that not useful in trying to figure this out.

It would be nice to either include the workout description in the ride summary or even a menu option to at least go directly to the workout detail view (as opposed to ‘load workout’). The second option would be nice as it would allow one to quickly navigate to or load workout variants as well. To do this currently you need to manually go to the workout screen and type in the workout name to filter which is a painful mobile/tablet experience.

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Try tapping the Analyze Ride in the app. That will open the workout in the web browser, and there is a link to the source workout at the bottom of the page.

Not saying that the direct link from the app wouldn’t be nice.