Display remaining workout time

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is there a way to display the remaining time of the current workout?

I know it from other training software that you can see how much time is left for the current interval and for the overall workout to finish. I liked that feature because sometimes, being deep down in a hard interval my kids join and ask me how long it’ll take until I’m able to check out their new “something” they did build. It’s very convenient to just yell “17 minutes!!” and keep pushing instead of start calculating :sweat_smile:


They always show remaining time for the current interval block. But there is no count down for the workout completion.

Depending on the device used, you can see your progress on the overall workout graph. That includes time stamps at the bottom. But you have “do the math” to know the total time left.

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I hope they don’t change anything. 90% of my mental distraction technique is based on doing different time remaining math in my head. :joy:


Time remaining is binary and is based on how the workout is going for you. The answer is either “Forever” or “Just a Little!”


Seconded. I spend a good chunk of interval workouts doing mental calcs on % and fractional remaining times - especially when I can announce them to folks in group workouts :joy:

“Good news guys we are 13/45 done with the hard work! Next time we talk it’ll be 33% over with!” as we start the second over of the second interval of Palisade…


If it’s your fault they added the Finish Time feature, I take my hat off to you sir.
I still get to distract myself by working out how many minutes are left and I get to round off the end of workouts with extra cool down time.
8:23 finish easily becomes an 8:30 finish and adds a little more volume.

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