Disaster vs Century

I have trouble doing ANY really hard work on the trainer! So much easier to go outside and ride hard!! So yeah, I don’t have the motivation to do Disaster on the trainer! Don’t think I could complete it…

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Given your clear willingness/ability to test and suffer outdoors (in preference to indoors), one thing you may want to consider is Hunter Allen’s “Kitchen Sink” workout. It is where Coach Chad’s idea for Disaster and most of its elements come from (this is discussed in the Disaster user manual). It has a TSS in the 280-320 range.


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@bbarrera you mentioned during our hr drift discussion certain ‘time on trainer’ thresholds that would for sure test cardiac drift so I tried a couple longer workouts. There really is something inexplicably harder about doing a long ride on the trainer! So I think the constituent parts of Disaster aren’t so intimidating as their combination into a looooong trainer ride.

Last night I rode a McNeese favorite Vogelsang. During hour one it was like a wren’s song. By hour 2.5 it was more like a guinea. By hour 3.5 it was just like an emu. I wonder what kind of bird the author had in mind when creating that workout? :crazy_face:


Those long Endurance paced rides on the trainer (about 3 hours plus) can become quite the slog in the last 1/4.

Fueling and hydration are important and easy to overlook. Even with a rocker plate for comfort, I still make an active effort to mix in standing breaks. I also tend to play with high and low cadences to mix up the loading on the legs and aerobic system. And finally, entertainment can be a challenge. I often do a mix of movies, Zwift and reading.


Yep. And lots more, including standing/sitting, moving forward/back on the seat, and perhaps what I found most helpful were the quadrant drills (discussed in the user manual). When I did D last year, I found those really useful to give particular muscles a break.


yes, I’m aware of Disaster’s lineage. For inspiration I have a Cusick masters iLevel plan and the Kitchen Sink workout is at the end of week 23. So I am actively thinking of doing it outside. But to be honest I’m more focused on getting ready for “a century a month” from Jan-June, and wondering if I should be doing this workout by February, because come March a lot of Wed nights will look like that (but higher TSS).

No doubt! In this area we are blessed with long paved trails next to rivers, and long stretches of lightly traveled roads in the delta. My favorite rides use those roads to rack up solo miles without stopping, and by hour 3 of 4+ hours this bird is ready for the hawks to carry me home! (p.s. saw a golden eagle on Sunday!)

My longest trainer ride is 2.75 hours of aerobic endurance, which I found really straightforward and just leave me hungry. While Kitchen Sink (or Disaster outside) are on my “one and done” list, honestly I don’t have the mental fortitude to do Disaster on the trainer.