Dirty Kanza - Riding on Behalf of somebody else

I am hoping that I can get help from this forum since there are so many that have done Dirty Kanza before. I admit that my situation is unique and will likely require me reaching out to the organizers directly.

Last Friday my best friend and riding buddy passed away. We had originally planned to do the Dirty Kanza together. We joined the lottery, he made it in (this is his 4th year trying) and I didn’t. We decided that he would race it and I would be his support crew.

With his passing, his family and I would love to have his name still race. In particular, they have asked me to wear his number/name and complete the race. I know that the registration was clear that it is impossible to move registration to another participant, but I am hoping they could make an exception. Here are my choices and I wanted to see what you recommend:

Option 1 - Contact DK and ask them directly. Our biggest fear is that they will say no and just cancel his registration, leaving us without any option at all.

Option 2 - Show up on the day before the race with his driver license and his wife can try to get the package/number without him being present. I would then race for him and nobody would know any better. (I do not plan or will affect the race… ie. Im not fast).

Any help would be appreciated it…

Call them. I’d put cash money on a very accommodating and reasonable level of assistance.


Call them. Jim, Lelan, Kristi, & Treva are good people.

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Another reason to call them: I think I remember that they checked ID at packet pick-up last year.

Sorry for your loss. I hope to see you there.

I would just contact them. It’s the right thing to do. I’m sure they would be accomidating to your situation.

Alternatively contact them anonymously. Explain the situation and explain your concern of his registration being cancelled. See what their response is.

Sorry for your loss. Hope to see you and your friend’s spirit out there.

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