Difficulty with SSBLV1 and blood donations

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! Before getting into my question I have a short background/ sequence of events leading up to present day. I am a 33 year old who who recently start structured training (last couple of months) and I took the ramp test on my smart trainer the 9th of December and achieved an FTP of 363 (I am a heavier rider but did follow the tests prescribed techniques).

About 3 days later I donated blood and began working through SSBLV1 with the first week being pretty easy until the Sweet Spot training actually began. I have failed the last 3 workouts (Antelope, Ericsson, and Monitor) by not being able to maintain the power required for the duration required. The last 2 workouts I have decreased by intensity by 5% and am still not able to hold the required power.

I am sure that the blood donation has something to do with it because I am down on HGB but not sure how to compensate for this loss in power (and hopefully gradual return to full endurance)

I am currently in week 3 and just want to know how to approach this without having to do a ramp test each week but I also want to maximize training stimulation because this will be my first criterium racing season.

Thank you for your time and comments are greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas!

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