Different training load for the same session (TrainerRoad vs Fenix6)

Hi, I have TR syncing to Garmin Connect my Kickr Bike sessions. I also have a Fenix 6S. One thing I have noticed is that the Garmin Training Load calculated by the watch on workouts synced from TR is very different than if I record the same session on the watch itself:

You can see the same session from Oct. 12, the first one is coming from TR (Load: 58) and the second one is recorder with the Fenix 6 (Load: 9). Other than the distance, the rest of metrics are basically the same (power, heart rate, etc).

Have you got your FTP set to the same number in both TR and Garmin connect?

Garmin’s Training Load is based on Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), and is not the same thing as Training Stress Score.

However, if you go into the detail of your ride in Garmin Connect, TSS is also recorded. Assuming your FTP is the same in both Garmin and TR, then TSS should be the same.


how come I dont get tss recorded on my Garmin 830?

Do I need a powermeter?

Hi, I think there is a misunderstanding. I am not talking about TSS. Since last summer Garmin Training Load is also calculated for those workouts synced from TR, Zwift, etc., you can read about it here.

So the metric is calculated by the watch in both cases but I get very low numbers in those sessions recorded by the watch using the “Indoor Bike” activity profile with the Kickr Bike.

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Yes. TSS is power based.

Sorry. I did misunderstand what you meant by TR and Garmin load not matching.

There is a known issue in calculating load with the 19.20 firmware on the Fenix when used with some 3rd party HR sensors.