Did i over test?

Did the ramp test recently and resulted in a 7% increase from last time.

The workouts are now HARD and i havent finished one yet.

Gassed out on the over unders (mcadie -2) and didn’t get anywhere near the vo2 max session.

Was the test a fluke ? If so how ?

What to do next?

20+ years multisport. 5 winters trainerroad


  • The ramp test is accurate for some but not all riders

  • The ramp test is a double edged sword. Slay the test, score vanity points but pay the price later.

  • I don’t even bother with the ramp test anymore. Easy enough to figure that out on RPE with any of the harder sweetspot workouts, which happens at least once a week.

What to do next? Lower your intensity to where you can finish your workouts, and that’s where you should be at.


also make sure that the effort level is easy for the actual easy rides.

don’t gut through the easy rides thinking to yourself “well, i’ll at least complete THIS one”, because guess what’ll happen: tomorrow for the over-unders you won’t be able to perform.


Seems like it. You should be able to finish over-under workouts like McAdie assuming you have some miles in your legs. Some of the VO2max workouts can be hard to finish if you haven’t done high intensity like that for a while.

I dial your FTP back 5-10w and re-try. It’s ok.

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