Panic time...broke Di2 shifter 2 weeks from major event

There’s been too much to worry about these past 18ish months with COVID!!!

When my shop built my N=1 gravelbike, they left the brake hoses too long. I’m running GRX Di2. I clipped the hoses but accidentally overtightened the left nut when reinserting and cracked the receptacle (sorry…don’t know the actual term). I assume this shifter is toast. I have 1 bike and a 2 day, 192 mile ride coming up in 2 weeks!!!

The only place I can find the shifter is Competitive Cyclist. No one local has it. As I see it, my options are as follows…

  1. Buy the new GRX shifter and try to install it myself and pray I don’t break it. I called a few local shops and none could guarantee they could have the bike ready in time.

  2. Buy a second bike. A few shops within a few hours of my have bikes in my size, but they’re higher end ($4k-$6k is ALOT of money to me!!) I basically had a panic attack when test riding an SL7 today. I did not buy it.

  3. Buy any random hydraulic shkmano left shifter just for the brakes, and set Di2 in full synchro shift. This also assumes I don’t break the shifter when installing. This also assumes I can actually find a shifter.

Any other thoughts? Friends and family helped raise $7k for a very good charity and I have to do this ride if it means borrowing my sons 20" Precaliber.


Ebay is your friend in this situation - you may need to buy the combo shifter/brake caliper set but atleast you will have a replacement (filter to US based sellers, assuming you’re in the US).

Ultegra hydro di2 lever will work too, same hoses, fittings etc.

Cracking that section happens occasionally, especially if there is any weirdness with cross threading during install, or even someone a piece of the old olive in the threaded section etc. May also be worthwhile to reach out to Shimano directly and see if they have anything.

What does that plastic piece hold or do? Could it be glued together?


2nd or Next Day Air shipping.

How big of a wrench were you using when you cracked your existing housing? 12" crescent? Use a little box end wrench. Should be about 4" long.

FINESSE plz. SNUG, not tight.

How about but a mail order grx shifter, then pay a mechanic a huge tip if they are willing to do it after work? Bike shop guy dont make a lot, when i worked in a shop, if someone was willing to give me an extra $50-$100, id totally do it im my spare time.

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Might do this!!!

@AJS914 it’s the part where the threaded nut holding the hose screws into the shifter. I think the crack is in a spot where the threads would be when tightened up. I was wondering if I could throw epoxy in the crack and glue it together. It’s for my front brakes though… nervous about screwing those up!!!

If you can find the part try checking with any of the mobile mechanics rolling around your town. I know at least where I am they are always more accommodating time wise than standard brick and mortar shops.

Also check any bike related Facebook groups in your area. Very likely to be a part and an installer on there.

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