Di2 R9250 - Manual mode question


I picked up the new CFR Speed max that came with the Dura-ace Di2 R9250 which I haven’t used before. I am not entirely sure how this thing operates, with the entire syncro-shift but I am not really a fan and would like to keep it to manual. I have a few questions.

  1. In the E-Tube app - I can not find Manual mode under shifting? it’s just S1 and S2. However connected to my garmin, I can see the Manual mode as well.
  2. When in Manual mode - How do I change the front chainring while on the go? - With my SRAM it was fairly easy - press both the shift buttons together and the front chainring changes, how does this work on the Di2?

Thanks in advance.

This site is great for all things Di2!


Do you have the single buttons shifters? If you want to to chainrings separately you’ll either need to remap the base bars to do FD or add some sprint shifters into the system and set those to be the FD and the base bars to still be RD.

From Canyons website they just have the single buttons, so you’re stuck with syncro shifting and will have to add extra shifters for that mode

Unless they have changed something in the software (always possible) , then sync mode only used to be mandatory for Time Trial components which don’t have the buttons. I found nothing Shimano road site
Basically there should be 2 buttons on each lever , up and down , one side per detailer. at lease that this cans on my 12 speed ultegra which is supposed to be 95% DA.

The question are

  1. do you have 2 buttons on each side.
  2. if you set it to manual on the garmin what happens
  3. have you phoned garmin

My gut tells me it the phone software thats on the blink.


Last time i looked this up, the 2 button shifters were not compatible with 12sp

One thing is for certain, in Shimano’s manual it is clearly a two button device capable of operation in Manuel. I am riding Shimano 12 speed in manual.

If you add remotes to you aerobars (in my case) they will activate the rear derailure up and down, if you are in S1/S2 mode they will also activate the FD at the right time.

Looks like confusion in the Better shifting web site comes from this statement on the TT specific page referring to TT specific componants;

" In fact, on a 12-speed Di2 bike you don’t have a choice - you have to use (full) synchronized shift. All 12-speed compatible TT/Tri shifters have one button each, so they simply do not have enough buttons to operate the front derailleur."

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Canyon’s website says:

  • Shift Lever

    • Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9160 Remote TT

…and for the R9160 Remote Triathlon Shifter, Shimano says:

Utilizing SHIMANO SYNCHRONIZED SHIFT program, each bar end shifter can be programmed to upshift or downshift the rear derailleur while the Di2 computer decides when to shift the front derailleur for the optimal front and rear gear combination.

So no choice: Synchro-Shift (shift mode S2) it is.

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ok, but as per the manual make sure your peddling when you change or you can get a dropped chain at the front. I increase the shifting time setting , which helped a lot. Eventlay however i move to manual.

Good find