Di2 configuration

Yeah, early on using Di2 with the standard setup I did end up hitting the wrong buttons quite a bit, especially when in thick gloves and going all out. I think I’ve just got used to it though and haven’t hit the wrong shifter for a long time.
Totally agree that it’s not naturally intuitive. I guess from Shimano’s point of view, it being intuitive to someone who had never used the system before was not a high priority. Very few people (probably a vanishingly small proportion) will be buying a Di2 bike as their first Shimano equipped road bike. The vast majority will be coming from mechanical Shimano equipped bikes, so making that transition easy is more important to them than creating a “better” system.
I like the idea of customising the buttons to get a “better” system, but I’m unlikely to actually do that because I switch regularly from mechanical Shimano equipped bikes to Di2 bikes, so the same set up is really helpful. If I just had Di2 bikes then I would definitely change things up a bit

That’s a fair point, though I was talking about showing someone how to use mechanical.

With Di2, it’s the buttons being a bit close together.

So i suppose 2 separate complaints.

But we are fairly spoilt; even Tiagra is way better than anything I had access to 20 years ago. And I could find something to dislike about almost any groupset tbh.

If and when SRAM can sort their FDs out, or Rotor can nail their hydraulic shifting, they will be serious contenders, but as it stands, it’s Di2 or mechanical Record for me.

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In the end, I set right hand controls to control the rear derailleur: small button to move to the smaller sprocket and big one to move to the bigger sprocket. On the other hand I set left hand controls to control front derailleur: small button to move to the smaller chainring and bigger to move to the bigger chainring.

I have SRAM Rival 1x on the other bike so this is similar to it.

Campy ekar?