Dexa scan - UK, any success?

Has anyone been able to successfully obtain a scan? I contacted a place in Bristol but they have told me they don’t do them “out of curiosity” and there needs to be a valid medical reason for needing/having one.

To quote them " You can self refer, you do not require a Doctors referral - however the scan request does have to be approved by a Doctor here at the surgery. To qualify for a scan you need to have a specific health/medical issue or recovering from a sports injury or on a sports fitness/diet programme.



I had one at a place in London. They are called bodyscan UK and I believe they are one of the very few that do it.

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@Tom_Gurden OK thanks Tom.

Surely you are on a sports fitness programme as per their requirement if using TR!

Don’t forget that DEXA scans are ultimately exposing you to radiation when you can get fairly accurate estimates from other methods.

How much more benefit will you get and what are the risks involved?