DEXA Scan and Muscle Imbalances

Hi all, I had a DEXA done this morning. Besides the shocking amount of BF I have, what I found most interesting was the left-to-right side muscle balance.

My arms were pretty close to each other (0.4 lb difference), but my right leg has about 1.6 lb more lean mass than my left (though this is still about the same % difference my arms). The lady running the test said anything over 1 lb is undesirable. Just curious what other people have found for differences from left to right in their legs.

Also made me think if this would throw off my power since my right leg is bigger, but I run a left sided Stages power meter on all my bikes. Wishful thinking probably though.

Where did you find a place to get a dexa? I have looked some and cant find one around me easily anyway.

@Critwannabe I just googled DEXA and Denver and was lucky to find one about 15 minutes from my house which is extremely convenient. I had done hydrostatic tests but last year the company that had a mobile unit (would go to various crossfit gyms across the area) moved to a location that’s a bit of a haul to get to regularly.

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