Develop own device?

Hello there,
I’ve just listened episode about ‘adaptive training’. And the topic of how TR is getting data and what kind of data they are using, got me thinking. Based on the datasets TR is using for different algorithms, wouldn’t it make sense for TR to develop their own device - like watch?
Or if it is not feasible, join with other already established company?
I think the future is data and algorithms, but in this field we need to get those data somehow.
What do you think?

Why do they need to make their own new device when you can just load the TR app into an existing device?

TR just needs an app that runs on Garmin and uploads all the data they need


Are you meaning for health data that could be used in Adaptive Training, but which aren’t currently collected from existing sensors, head units etc?

I guess they could do that, but developing specialised health tracking devices is a world away from building a SaaS platform. Partnering or letting other players like Apple, Garmin, Wahoo etc do it seems more likely.

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We need less plastic waste in the world, not more!

And TR have more than enough to keep them busy. If they can nail and lead the market in ML/AI coaching then they’ll be minted anyway. They can patent whatever they come up with in the years ahead and license that out if they want into that too.

I’d take a gold version too.


If they had a ton of venture cap money and a clueless board of directors, sure, that would be a great idea :crazy_face:. Otherwise, it’s a really bad one… The fitness device market is very crowded and saturated at this time, and would require enormous financial resources. You’re dealing with Apple, Samsung, Google and Garmin in that space, not counting the smaller players like Suunto, Polar, Withings, …

My assumption is that TR is not interested in building hardware. Building hardware comes with needing to worry about shipping, warehouses, stock inventory, etc… All things that software nerds don’t want to have to think about.

Even if they did develop their own device - would it be worth it for them?

It would be a huge up front cost, and then they’d need to spend money and time marketing this new product to their existing users, who may or may not already have a wearable that they prefer. They could lock down their system to only integrate with their own wearable to save some costs on the software development side, but it sounds to me like they really want to try to integrate with multiple hardware options (same model they have with trainers). I think it makes way more business sense to keep going down the road of being an open software platform that integrates with all sorts of devices.

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TR is in the market of Training Software for now. I don’t see why they would do lots of RND just to push out a product that doesn’t help with their mission of helping people get faster.

If they decided to join the world of hardware where do they start?

  • Bike Computer
  • HR Monitor
  • Stryd Pod like Item
  • Power Pedals
  • Cycling Shorts with sensors so that Chad knows I am applying pressure to my Sitz Bones

Garmin already gives them all the data they need, what would an app give them?

As to creating hardware, how could they do better then existing devices? Optical heart rate is hard, especially since they need hrv data. They would probably need to licence from

I like that TR stays focused on their core competence, not expanding into a realm with lots of good existing product that would be an expensive distraction.