Detraining 8 weeks in Olympic champion rower


Interesting that maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max) dropped 8%, but metabolic fitness (power) declined at a much higher rates (20% and 25%).

Good job I don’t row then :roll_eyes: :wink:
My unscientific numbers:
My longest enforced break was for 5weeks, I probably lost something in VO2max, but according to GC I gained 6% VO2max from the month before the op to the month after (4% gain compared to the best pre op VO2max).
I can’t really compare power directly as I lost something like 3lb in the opp but my 20min max was down 8.6% from my best ever 20mins max the month before to the month after. If I’ve recorded my weight right, circa a 6.4%decline in w/kg.


Citations are interesting “ available evidence on such a topic is extremely limited (Godfrey et al., 2005)

Any reason this 2005 study is resurfaced now?

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I’ve taken several 2 and 4 week breaks over the last 2-3 years, and use my power-to-HR numbers to track fitness declines/improvements.

Using that definition of fitness, it takes about twice as long to recover previous fitness levels. In other words, a 2 week break takes 4 weeks to restore fitness. And a 4 week break takes about 8 weeks to restore fitness.

@JoeX no idea. But he posts some interesting stuff, although a lot involves running or related sports (soccer/football).


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Power vs HR is a cool chart in Is that what you use, and if so, what time frames do you compare before and after the break?

I’m old school and still do visual inspection of power vs HR.

As a British crew they’d probably take that as a compliment :smiley:


I don’t think you can draw that conclusion from that study. As you know different aspects decay at different rates. The decline in 8 weeks will involve a lot more processes than at 2 weeks.

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No general conclusions, simply found it interesting that I’ve also seen a 2x timeline to restore metabolic fitness. And no way anyone would mistake me for elite or olympic caliber.