Determining Training Goals after Power Profile Test

Hi Everyone,
I recently completed a power profile test to determine my strengths and weaknesses on the bike. I completed the 20min test on one day then completed the 1min, 5min and 5sec tests two days later. Here are my results:

20min Power - 256 (FTP - 243)
5min Power - 293
1min Power - 451
5sec Power - 865

I weighed 69kg when I took these tests. My 20min and 5min power are really close together at the top of my power curve. However, my 1min and 5sec power are also close at the bottom of my power curve (profile attached). Since there is a large gap between my 1min and 5min power, should I consider myself a steady state rider and work on short power? Or are these results too close to a V-pattern and should I take the 5min, 1min, 5sec agin and separate them out? I did all of these tests on the trainer inside.

Any inputs are greatly appreciated.

This is starting backwards. That is: what are your event goals? Racing? Gran Fondos / sportives? Group rides? Smash your friends?

Based on the events you want to do, that would instruct what you need to work on


That depends on the kind of riding you want to do. Outside of racing, sprinting is not a tremendously useful ability when going riding. 1- and 5-minute power can be useful if you are living somewhere with lots of punchy climbs or you mountain bike. Longer power is useful for longer rides and climbs. So what is it that you want to be good at?


I do want to race. I did a few races in 2020 but didn’t get an opportunity to race consistently due to the pandemic. I want to do road races and crits as that is what is most common in my area. As a new racer I don’t have very high expectations but I still want to train with a purpose.

I do want to race. I want to do road races and crits as that is what is the most common in my area. My guess is, it would be beneficial to me to do a short power build and a crit specialty training plans? I just recently completed the general build and rolling road race plans and I wanted to see where my power curve would be after completing that plan.

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