Is there a way to send just active calories/kJ to Strava from 1030 Plus bike computer?

I’m looking to lose weight and tracking everything in Lose It. My bike rides are coming into Lose It from Strava.

For indoor training rides, TrainerRoad sends kJ (1kJ ~ 1 calorie) and that comes into Lose It. Outdoor rides are logged on my 1030 Plus, so the Garmin calorie number sent to Strava includes both active and resting calories. To be consistent indoors and out, I’m trying to figure out how to get Garmin to only send active calories (basically kJ per my powermeter) to Strava so that will feed Lose It.

The resting calories can be 100-120/hr, so it really adds up on longer 4-5 hour rides.

I’m stuck and can’t figure this out. Any tips? Thanks!!

I wouldn’t worry about it to be honest.

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