Denver/Golden Riding Scene

Finding myself in SW Denever for work quite a lot these days. I’m very familiar with the MTB trails all through the front range but haven’t broken into the road scene. I’m staying in Morrison so the training in the canyons/red rocks/dinosaur ridge is all excellent but I’d love to get hooked up with some good local group rides and or racing. In Atlanta and Austin we have some pretty good weeknight “business park” crits that are a blast and a good way to get to know the local scene.

Does anyone have any recommendations of either fast group rides or formal/informal racing? Anybody live in the area?

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CSP starts in June and is near where you will be, its a weeknight crit. Several group rides of varying spice as well, maybe check out worlds or meridian.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a group ride around the Meridian office park in South Denver. Very fast, great ride. Think it starts at 6:00? Used to do it back in the day and was always a great workout. I show up now and get my doors blown because I don’t live at altitude anymore…even though I am stronger now than when I lived out there!:woozy_face::woozy_face:

There is a also a group ride in Cherry Creek Reservoir on the same days called Fight Club…never done it, but I have a buddy out there who does it regularly and I can get more details if you are interested.

There is also the Saturday Worlds ride somewhat closer to you. Again, never done it, but I can get more details if you want.

Here is one of my favorite rides out there…Golden / Evergreen / Morrison.

Worlds is Saturday mornings at Deer Creek Canyon and Wads, about 20 mins south (car) from Morrison. Easy to ride down there to warm up through Ken Caryl. DM me if you ever just want somebody to ride with.