Dense Carb mix in hydration pack

Has anyone (successfully :wink: tried a “dense” carb mix in a hydration pack? For instance you can stuff 1500cal of maltodextrin in a single 750 ml water bottle and it will squeeze out through the cap. I’m concerned if I try this with a hydration back (say 3000 cal in 1500 ml or more) the tube or valve might clog?

Just mix it thoroughly and make sure there aren’t any clumps before you pour it in the bladder.

I’ve never found high concentration drink mix to be “thick”. Instead, I’d characterize it as “smooth”.

Make sure you really clean the bladder and hose after. I made this mistake with a USWE bladder and it grew some funk really quick.


Good advice @HumpDiesel, thanks.

Cool, thanks very much @team_bunty !