Deep section carbon wheels on a budget?

Its the new WR65. They say it’s for gravel but I think its great for road too.

I, like everyone else, highly recomend the brand/wheels I have :crazy_face:

I’ve got 2x LB wheelsets - one set was finished in the UK from rims, the other was a complete set. Very happy with both.


Dang, carbon 65s for < $600 US? Tempting…

What options did you go with?

Ah ha got it. I did not consider that. I guess this is a whole other topic of “wider is better”?

Also is it essentially the same rim? I am strictly seeking aero & stiffness benefits by going with these. Would the wider rim give me that, PLUS additional benefits?

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R55 U-shaped for fixed/track, rim only, built onto a Powertap hub I already owned. Posted over in the users’ bikes thread TrainerRoad users' bikes

AR46 V-shaped for road disc, built onto DT350 hubs using CX ray spokes. They are very stiff, no flex & run them with 28c 5000 TL for some comfort.

That is something to consider - I’ve loaned the road set out for people to test ride and the general feedback has been that they are fast, go where you point them but they are not much fun on rough roads. I’ve no other carbon wheels to compare against.

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I’m open to being corrected on this but I think this depends on the tyres you want to use. LB have a really useful page on different rims and fitted tyre width.

For example, AR46 rims are 30mm wide and 5000TL 28c measure 29.37mm wide making it nice and flush.

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This is exactly what I’m wondering too. Its been pretty hard to find answers online.

For what its worth I’d be running 25 or 28mm GP5000TL.

Suspect the main difference is simply width and what tyres are most suited.

I’d be nervous running 25/28c on 25mm internal width rims. I’m sure times have changed and LB state that 28c is OK

Others state that 25m internal is optimal for 42c+ tyres.

Email from LB… Black Friday discount coming or email them now and ask.

Good news! We’re going to push out a promotion for Black Friday, most products on our website except the wheelset with Novatec and Bitex hubs can be 10% discount!
However the promotion activity hasn’t been released on line officially, i can apply for 10% discount for you now if you place your order this week!


Enve Foundation 55 is also a good option for price/quality

I’ve been super happy with my AR56 wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs. Only about 7,400 km on them (received them 4/21/20), but I’ve wacked them into some serious potholes, and still true as the first day. 1,631g for the set. Running tubeless, GP5000TL, 25c on the front, 28c on the rear, 65psi front and rear (I weigh 77-78 kg). I went with the option of no holes in the rim bed, so no rim tape to screw around with. The front tire measures out to about 29.6mm, so it’s a touch narrow than the outer edge of the rim. Crosswinds are much more controllable on these compared to the R32 aluminum wheelset on my old back, 21mm outer width, 32mm deep, and an absolute handful in strong crosswinds.

Tires were brand new in that picture, so they stretched a smidge over time, but not much. I’ve actually considering running 28c on the front once it wears out, not sure yet.
10%… dang… if anyone needs me, I’m over in the corner trying to convince myself I don’t need a set for my 29er hardtail MTB.


Why, did you have to post this, c’mon… :slight_smile:

:grimacing: :rofl: time to fire off a reply to their last e-mail to me… he he.

seriously does anyone know what the R, AR and WR stand for - R - road? AR - all road? WR - wet road? :thinking:

and are the Pro versions worth the extra cash? :thinking:

R = Road (25mm), AR = All Road (28mm and 30mm), WR = Wide Road (32mm)

They have a Pro vs non-Pro page here:

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Your wheels look fab on that bike.

Out of interest which ratchet option did you go with on your hubs?

What is the ride quality like on them? Have you noticed any other benefits compared to the 32’s you had on before other than the cross winds?

Thanks! I hemmed and hawed a bunch regarding the finish, but decided that a glossy frame needs glossy wheels. I seriously considered the “satin” finish they offer, too, which is between glossy and matte.

I stayed with the 18T ratchet that the 350s come with by default. On a road bike, I don’t see the point in changing that. The sound is very pleasant, not loud at all (using DT Swiss’ red grease), and technically the 18T ratchets are the strongest since they have the most material and most substantial teeth. On a MTB I’d consider the 36 or 52 for the quicker engagement.

Ride quality is good, but I will also say that it’s not like I’ve ridden all sorts of different carbon wheels. They seem plenty stiff when climbing and sprinting, and they do seem to move better at 35 kph and up compared to my old wheels. They’re not harsh on bad pavement, but I would also mostly attribute that to the tire choice and pressure. Do they make me that much faster than a good pair of allow wheels? Eh, probably not much. I wouldn’t go out and spend 2,000+ on a set of wheels, but since I was building up a new bike for myself, I wanted to treat myself to something nice, and these fit the bill. And, of course, everyone knows the “woosh woosh” sound at speed is good for at least a 10W FTP increase :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the response - all valid points.

I bought a new bike (Canyon Endurace CF Disk) and i was going to put my trusty hand built alloy rims on there but thought I’d see what the options are and have been toying with this for a while. I like the idea of them - and i’d go for the 46’s and as you say the “woosh woosh” counts for a huge amount. :slight_smile:

Love my Farsport wheels. Good communication and great wheels. Had for over two years now and no issues at all. Got 50mm in front and 60mm on back carbon clinchers. Would happily buy from them again.

I bought a new bike (Canyon Endurace CF Disk)… and i’d go for the 46’s…

Have these on my Endurace CF disc - very happy - but wish I’d gone for gloss and less decals.

I’ve said this before but I like a little excitement in my carbon wheels. That’s why I don’t buy expensive enve wheels…TOO SAFE. I’m not in for that sort of marketing but when I saw $400 carbon wheels on Aliexpress from vendor C-razy Carbon Store I thought, ‘Yep. Those are the ones for me.’

That was three years ago & they haven’t failed me yet & they have the loudest freewheel of any hub, ever.