DT Swiss ARC 1400 62mm or Roval CLX Rapide


So I had a little bit of a crash last fall, and unfortunately my rear wheel went bust (brand new Roval Rapide CLX). But, my front wheel came out unharmed…

Looking around a bit, I am starting to feel that there are wheel sets that has a bit better bang for the buck… So I need some guidance…

The bike that the wheels are gonna go on: S-Works Venge

Q: Should I sell my front wheel, CLX Rapide, and then buy a pair of DT Swiss ARC 1400 62mm: DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon 62 Disc CL Wheelset Road Bike Wheel Sets Disc | Bike-Discount

Or should I just buy a new Rapide CLX rear wheel to complement the front one that I already have?

The only thing that the Rapides win is in weight… by like 200g, other than that, seems like hubs are better on the DT Swiss?

A new rear Rapide CLX wheel is like 100 euros cheaper than a complete set of the DT Swiss…

Another alternative could be: DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut® Carbon 80 Disc CL Wheelset Road Bike Wheel Sets Disc | Bike-Discount

I live in Sweden so lots of rolling hills, so weight isn’t really a huge deal (I am 78kg also…)

Or would 80mm be too deep?


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If the rear wheel alone is only a little less than a complete wheelset, then it sounds pretty pricey to me. How much could you sell your Rapide front wheel for? If you can get more than 100€ for it, then the DT Swiss come out cheaper in my opinion. I would go with the DT Swiss myself.

However, have you contacted a Specialized dealer regarding Specialized’s “Assisted Replacement” policy? Seems like you’d be able to buy a replacement Roval rear wheel for 35% off the retail price. Retail is what, 1499€? So 975€ for a replacement? All the info on the bottom half of this page:


Thanks for the tip regarding the program you linked to - will check it out and hopefully it’s available for Sweden as well…

What are some of your reasonings for the DT Swiss?

I am trying to convince myself that the DT Swiss are “better” :sweat_smile:

I checked to see if there’s a program specifically for Europe or Sweden, but didn’t see anything. I believe the global policy that’s on that page should be available to you.

I like DT Swiss stuff, it’s not flashy, but is typically very good quality, and gets the job done at a fair price when compared to competitors. I have a set of Light Bicycle carbon wheels that only cost me about 800€ shipped for the set, and went with DT Swiss 350 hubs on these, too. For what it’s worth, the Roval wheels do use a DT Swiss EXP freehub as far as the internals go, so in my view, you end up paying a good deal more (assuming retail price and not the 35% off policy price) for more or less the same product as the DT Swiss 1400 wheelset with 240 hubs, so might as well save some money.

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I have no experience with Roval, but do have a DTSwiss 1100 set as well as Enve and Reynolds wheels. I have had in the past Zipp, Corima and a few others. I have to say the DTSwiss are really amazing, especially with a truly nice tire! The finish is beyond any I’ve seen and the handling is superb. I am thinking of another set myself as I like them so much. Not a ton of meat in my post, but they are some of my most prized wheels.

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thanks @ggeiger for sharing this, do you have 62s? Can you please elaborate a bit more on their handling, especially in stronger crosswinds?

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I used to ride 62.5mm rims (Swisside) on my road bike (I transferred them to a TT bike). I am a relative light weight (62kg) and didn’t/ don’t find the deeper rims handled worse than shallower rims. The shape of them seemed to mitigate that.


I had to look and see what sizes I have. I have the 48/62 pair and as the other poster stated, they handle extremely well in crosswinds. I’m 160 on a sub 16 pound road bike and they are really solid and corner exceptionally well. I have a set of Vittoria Corsas on them and it’s a simply amazing combo. I guess I forgot to see if you were talking road or tri bike?

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Is the jump from ARC 1400 to ARC 1100 worth it, or is it just a matter of hub and spokes? I am guessing that the carbon rim is the same for them both?



Is the jump from ARC 1400 to ARC 1100 worth it, or is it just a matter of hub and spokes? I am guessing that the carbon rim is the same for them both?


To my knowledge the 1100 has more engagement points in the hub (36 versus 18) and ceramic bearings as well as the new aero spokes. The rim is the same as far as I know. I love the wheels but whether they’re worth the extra is a question only the buyer can say. I’m really, really happy with them. They have the nicest finish I’ve seen on any wheel. I hope that was helpful.

Thanks again @ggeiger & @HLaB.

I have 62 mm on my bike which i didn’t ride yet. I was considering swapping them to 50 mm because where i live is windy and flat, but occasionally i may want to go to hilly / mountain courses. I’m similar build as you (71 kg and sub 8 kg bike) so if you both say they handle well in cross winds i should try them first.

Regarding ratchet system on 1400s i think the new version (which i have) has 240 exp hubs, which have 36 ratchet system.


Yes, 1400s is with 240 (36 ratchet) hub ARC 1400 DICUT DB - High-Profile Wheels | DT Swiss

I would really like to get DT Swiss ARC1100 or 1400 wheels for next summer. I think i will go to 62mm because here is quite flat, some rolling hills (74kg) and hope that i can handle them in crosswinds


Thanks again for the tip with Roval Assisted Warranty…

Emailed my LBS, who emailed Specialized, so now I was able to get 35% off a new rear wheel! :raised_hands:

Still looking at those DT SWISS wheels though… :face_with_monocle::man_shrugging:


Glad to hear the information helped! Could always sell the Roval wheelset and picked up the DT Swiss, not sure there would be any advantages though. The correct solution is to buy the deeper DT Swiss wheelset and then keep both sets, and switch them out based on sidewinds. :grin:

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That is the correct thinking… too bad there are too many things on the “I want to have this as well”-list :poop:

So this all took a slight turn…

I found a buyer for my front wheel, so sold the Rapide CLX front wheel (got more than I paid for it since I got some discount on the wheelset)…

And I just put in an order on the DT Swiss ARC 1400 (the newest model with the 36 EXP Ratchet as well as wider rim)

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