Deals / Sales / Discounts for Fitness Stuff (2024)

I’ve been happy with my Bontrager’s, other than losing the little bolt on the outside on one of them (pedal has side to side play, probably has a bunch of corroding mud in the bearings, but I’ve ridden like 2000 miles like that with no deterioration?). Ordered the 4 pairs, that’s cheaper than just getting replacement cleats! Thanks for sharing. Seems like a reputable seller, but I’ll compare to my legit pedals when they come in just to make sure they’re not counterfeit or something.

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get the new Samsung galaxy buds 3 pro for about 100, after trade in (galaxy buds 2 pro or any airpods are -100).

Got a set for 85 after military discount.


Cervelo Caledonia 5 frameset , $2,649.99 ($1850 off):


Wow, that’s ceap

Awesome deal on a great bike stand/rack.


FYI, even though that’s listed at a regular price of $55 (yeah right), it can normally be found for $25. Plus the reviews mention the bike falling over randomly. I would pass unless you’ll use it for kids bikes

I’ve used these types of stands for years. It depends on your needs but they are simple and work well. They are also easy to throw in the back of your car if you want a stand to hold your bike at your destination.

If your tire deflates while in the stand, the bike can definitely fall to the side. So if you are storing your bike for weeks on end without riding, its something to watch for.


Same here. I have used the Feedback version forever. However, it appears those are different from these because you can chain the Feedback ones together, which does add some stability. I like that as my fleet grows or shrinks, I can just add or remove one to the chain.

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I have Feedback ones and use them for my bikes.

But not every brand is equal design and quality. My comments were specific to this model/brand but were based off reviews. Perhaps it’s user error, but there is a significant number of reviews mentioning bikes falling over

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