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So if I am comfortably medium in the Castelli aero jerseys, I should go Rapha small? Might be too short.

I’ve found the Rapha size chart to be very accurate. If you’re on the fence, and want to be sure you don’t have a chest bubble, go smaller.

Part of it is that lycra stuff is pretty stretchy, so there is wide latitude as far as what fits, and their fit guide very much goes for the so tight it looks painted on kind of fit, at least for the road race stuff. The Endurance jerseys are more relaxed.

Looks like the M is chest 39. I am definitely more like 38 (when flexing). So probably S then. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being a belly shirt length wise.

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Holy crap….unbelievable. Like @Pbase i grabbed both colors. I prefer non-team jerseys on the trail and those are great.


Look like word go out, out of stock.

Agree with all that for jerseys. We originally started discussing Castelli sizing related to the bib shorts posted above and I personally have not found bib sizing to be particularly nuanced between brands outside of leg and strap length. YMMV.

Bibs are weird for me. I usually go up a size from the size chart because most bibs that fit me well in the waist feel too tight in the thighs. Mainly because I don’t like a compression type fit. I just want them snug but not constrictive. So my bibs are usually roomy in the waist.

Ok, so I’m not the only one. I have a Zumo which at least once a workout randomly goes into the death spiral in the middle of an interval for no reason. Pausing the workout is the only way out. Unfortunately the Zumo is the low end bastard child of Elite so no FW upgrades. Using ANT “seems” to not do it but there are random power drops which mostly correct themselves in a second or two but also sometimes trigger a pause.

Wahoo Headwind 20% off at several retailers:

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