Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

Shimano 105 R7000 11 Speed Rim Brake Groupset for $480.00AUD/$306.00USD/€358.99 @Chainreactioncycles


I might get this purely because I’m at my wits end with my campy 11 potenza. Just nothing but problem after problem.

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That is so, so much value for the money.

Assuming you want that crank length, cassette range, and chainring size.

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I tried to search for shimano on chain reaction and nothing comes up…
So its wierd.

Us US-based folks can’t buy Shimano off CRC/Wiggle, generally.

Edit: Trying to add the linked groupset to my cart results in an error message that basically says “We can’t ship this part to your country.”

Which is fine, I would much prefer silver 105 anyway :slight_smile:


Good Sram deals … probably making room for the new stuff.


There are definitely some good deals there. I’m tempted to upgrade my Rival crankset to Red, mostly because I really like the look of the finished chainrings with a bonus 300g weight savings. Seems like a colossal waste of money, though, that would be better spent on N+1. Still …


If anyone finds an 10/36 force cassette let me know, i need one

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Santa Cruz Bikes on sale:


TrekFest Sale through April 2

Well would you look at that. The E-Calber does exist.

$2,000 off a $12,000 bike? What a steal. I’ll take 2


Buy 5, get 1 free!


Also blocking mexico now. I used to ship to Mexico and pick up when I went down. But that was many years ago.

Flash sale at for products from SRAM, Shimano, RockShox, DT Swiss, Continental or Schwalbe.
Ends on March 9.


NeverSecond C90 drink mix with shorter shelf life for 50% off.

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Insane deals on GP5000 TRs. Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Black Sidewall – Bike Closet

9 Likes is liquidating everything. Melt30 for 30% off over and above some of the other markdowns. They carry a lot of outdoor stuff including bike gear and bike clothes

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Damn… fat bike with deore 6000 for under $600…