Days before big mountain road race, dilemma

My A event, the Maratona dles Dolomites, a mountain road race in the heart of the Dolomites, is on 4/7. I am planning to fly in on 29/6. The temptation will be high to ride my bike and explore the mountains in the days before the event. I am quite competitive. I am doing the full route.

In terms of riding, what would you be your recommendation for:

T - 1, the day before
T - 2
T - 3

Duration, difficulty and so on.


Depends on your current training volume/load as that will change how quickly you’re likely to recover from different efforts.

By asking the question I am picking you kind of know the answer. If this is a true “A-Race” then take it easy. You can ride on the days before to maintain the legs but you shouldn’t be digging a hole that close.

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For peaking I like the day off two days before and then a short and very easy shake out the day before. Three days before maybe a course preview of the last X number of miles?

Everyone is different. I personally did my best with a lighter week before the big race, return to a bigger week and a 48 hour taper. Any longer I felt flat.

Why would you go crazy days before your big race? A freshman kid I coached went out two days before and ran the state course two days before to “get to know her pace.” She bombed. She ran the race before the race. She was 14. I am assuming you are a grown adult and know that is not the best thing to do and can control yourself? If not don’t get on the bike. Nothing you can do a few days before your race to make you better… but there is a lot you can screw up.


Yo tambien.

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