Dade vs. its +/- variants?

Q for TR Yesterday my plan had Dade +1 scheduled. 2 min intervals @ 120% and 1 hr 15 min in length. My schedule only allowed for only 1 hr, so I pulled up regular Dade. All other Dade’s stay at 120% or less, for 2-2.5 min and 2-4 min rest after. Regular Dade goes up to 135% and 130% in second and third sets, respectively, with 2 min intervals and only 2 min rest after. The 135% intervals blew me up and I had to reduce to ~125%. I noted the IF for Dade is .96 though all others are .86-91.

My question is why/how does the normal Dade reflect the intent of the other variants? Seems to be a pretty big departure in intensity. I am confident I could have done +1 and other intervals @ the prescribed 120%.

It seems like a bit of an outlier.

I suspect it’s because the Dade +/- variations are included in training plans and have therefore been tweaked as lots of people do them. Dade itself isn’t in any plans, so is probably less of a priority for TR.

I would go with Dade -1, which is 1 hour at 0.9 IF. And maybe push it up a percent or two in the last set if you need it more challenging.

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Great points. Makes sense re: the plans. Maybe TR should look to tweak the workout.

I usually look more closely at the variants when subbing a shorter/longer work out but was in a rush.and just hopped on the bike. While I gave my all and made adjustments, I suspect it wasn’t as efficient/productive as if I had done +/- 1 - I had to backpedal or stand a few times to survive the last few seconds of the intervals. Plus my AC was broken and it was 5-10 degrees hotter than usual inside. Brutal!

You can see this sort of weirdness when a variant that’s used in many training plans has been tweaked. Mary Austin, for example - the -1 version is used in plans, and was detuned to 92-98-102% steps, but all the other variants have kept the original 95-100-105%.