Is it "cheating" to pick a +1 variant over the scheduled workout when the only difference is longer recoveries?

In SSBMV2 I’m scheduled to do Darwin (1hr, 79 TSS) today:

"Darwin is 4x10-minute intervals between 95-99% FTP with 3-minute recoveries between intervals.”

But having had a look I think I’d rather do Darwin +1 (1hr15, 90 TSS):

“Darwin +1 is 4x10-minute intervals between 95-99% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals.”

Long intervals like these are NOT my strong point, and I think I’m more likely to complete them if I have larger recoveries. As a bonus I get extra TSS, win win.

Or is there a good reason why I should try to stick to the scheduled workout?

Context: as a downhill MTBer, my race efforts are never more than 5 minutes all-out, and I’ll be doing the Gravity speciality at the end of my winter training.

Additionally – given the above – I have no interest in doing aero drills etc, they’re just not relevant to me. Should I switch workouts like this out for something completely different?


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I’m happy to be corrected, but no difference. The aim of long sweet spot intervals is muscular endurance. If you manage the full interval well, then you’ve hit the aim of the workout.


And the aero drills are suggestions and they don’t apply to your aims, just skip them.


Pretty sure you’ve hit the nail on the head. Coach Chad enforces the need for good form during the intervals. If you’re falling apart physically or mentally, your form must be suffering. Always aim to complete each interval to the very best of your ability.

As for the duration, I think one of the key aspects of TR is it’s ability to accommodate the time crunched cyclist, hence why most of the key plan workouts are one hour in duration.


There’s very little difference in the extra 2 minutes rest you get, so aim for the +1 version and then as your fitness improves then see if you can revert to the version with a shorter rest period.


Cheers, good advice thank you! I’m not time crunched at all really (no kids and a similarly exercise-minded wife) so from now on I might strive to put in the slightly longer versions when they seem to make sense.

Agree to all the above. in SSB it’s all about hitting the targets and getting the work done. If it were the specialty phase then the shorter rest has a more specific purpose to prepare for the demands of your race, but in Base then taking the longer rest and long workout is totally fine!

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