D2R2 - should I tell TR it's a climbing road race or gravel

I’m focusing my training on the long d2r2 this August – 180k with just shy of 13,000 feet of climbing. It won’t be the longest ride I’ve done but it will be the most climbing I’ve done by a fair margin. Looking at the training plan TR built for me when I described it as a long gravel race it seems there’s no climbing specific prep so I’m wondering if I should tell TR it’s a climbing road race instead or if I should just ignore TR and try to build more climbs into my riding.

Neither, I’d suggest the century plan

Can I ask why? What are the differences in the different plans?

What do you think ‘climbing’ specific prep’ is? 100+ mile gravel races are about being able to maintain a steady, power output, much like the fitness that the century and sustained power build plans would foster.

I’m hoping I can finish the 100k… good luck!!!

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The Climing Road Race plan includes dealing with Over-Threshold attacks that will occur in a racing scenario.

The Century plan places more emphasis on producing steady consistent power, which is the fastest way to complete a longer event, especially with a “complete, rather than compete” objective. You are going to be doing these climbs at a sub-threshold effort, and that is what you should be training.

I’d definitely recommend Sustained Power Build and as much of Century as you can fit in for this kind of event.

I’m a big guy (200lbs) so I guess for me all climbs feel like a racing scenario, which is to say if I’ve found a group I can work with generally, odds are on the climbs I’m getting pushed to my limit to hold a wheel, race or not :slight_smile: Maybe steady low power really is the key, but on some of these gravel climbs I pretty much have to be over threshold just to stay upright. Doing loads of sweet spot just doesn’t feel like it’s getting me the preparation I need for the most climbing I’ve ever done in a day, but of course I’m no expert.

I’d go with any plan, but make it a point to get some good, hilly 5+ hour endurance rides in on the weekend before the race. That’s really the only way to prepare for the effort. The weekday stuff will probably be fine whatever it is. I’ll be there too, BTW!

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