Cyclops Hammer 2. Left pedal produces more power than right. And other idiosyncrasies

I have noticed that when i want to increase the watts by one leg pedalling the left pedal reacts accordingly and the watts go up. If i do the same on the right it doesn’t react the same way.
This is teaching my left leg to work harder, which is good, seeing as I’m right leg dominant and 10% stronger on that side. But I find it annoying, because normally i would not have to work that leg harder than the other one.
I do not understand why this is, as the drive is on the right side, so if anything ,I would have thought the right would react more .
I have used Garmin Vector pedals outside, and they do not do this, and I have tested it with each leg doing 1 leg pedalling.
The other observation with the Hammer is, (also happens with KK trainer) that when in ERG mode it makes me pedal faster and faster until I eventually am pedalling 150 revs. I get pissed off, and put it into standard mode which is fine. In order to keep my watts matching the Target watts on screen I will push a little harder if the watts drop a little. I’ve tried keeping the cadence the same and ignoring the watts on screen, but that annoys me because I do not like to drop below the target watts, pretty much preferring to match it exactly, or be 2/3 watts above it.
Maybe someone else on here has experienced this, and no, I’m not a special snowflake I’m sure :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

  • Are you talking about totally unclipped, single-leg drills or both clipped in and single-leg focus?

  • In either case, there is absolutely no way that the trainer knows which foot is driving the system. Your gearing from the front to rear gears is what drives the trainer. As such, there is no way for the trainer to have any idea (or even way to impact the power results) from you using either leg.

    • Again, the issue here is your legs and how they function, regardless of the trainer.
  • Are you using PowerMatch with the Vector pedals and the trainer together? Are they dual-sided or single-sided?
    • There may be an issue here depending on the specific implementation and data channel (ANT+ or BLE) that you are using for the TR device.
  • This sounds like you are doing what I call “Chasing Power”. Are you watching the power target and your power while training in ERG?

    • If so, STOP doing that. The point of ERG is to let the trainer and controlling app “do the work” of holding the power target. If you are watching the power, and actively trying to “change power” by increasing cadence, you are causing the cadence ramp issue.
    • The truth, is that you are responsible for your cadence in ERG, not the other way around.
  • "Cadence is King"

    • This means that you should ignore power and focus only on your cadence. Do this and keep to your desired cadence range, and let the trainer do the work. Seeing If you watch power and see a dip in a few watts, this is NOT a problem.
    • You adding cadence to try and increase power only creates a problem. If hold a consistent and steady cadence, this allow ERG to function as it is intended.
    • Try this in a nice steady interval and truly ignore power. Watch only your cadence and keep it as even as you can. This should make a big difference.
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Thanks for your advice.
I now understand the erg mode issue and why I had the problem.
I do prefer resistance mode as I can look at the target watts. I don’t like dropping below the target except the occasional itsy bit .But I do swap to erg for the recovery periods as it feels better at a low wattage.
The other issue I mentioned, I am clipped in with both feet and one leg does nothing and the other does work.
I do have a 4iiii power meter on the left side, but thought it worked independently from the trainer.
I don’t use power match and the power readings on the Garmin are different but close to those on the trainer, if I have calibrated power meter first.
Not really a problem, and it is training my left leg to pedal more efficiently :biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:

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