Cycliq Fly12 Sport

New version of the front facing camera announced:

[Fly12 Sport - Cycliq - Bike Camera and Safety Lights]

Will be interesting to see if this the generation where they get it right… I would pay that much, but have held off on previous models because of all of the reports of failures and terrible customer support. Stated specs seem good, but I guess (just as for the Garmin rear camera), the specs don’t tell the full story.

Am hoping that @GPLama will be testing in of these soon…?

They say one is on the way.


Now if Cycliq would only do an updated rear that also incorporates a bike radar :thinking:


Careful what you wish for. Even Garmin couldn’t get that one right. I still had to pop the SD card yesterday to get footage as their app remains unusable… four months after release…


That’s exactly why I’m hoping for a competitor

I have the original fly12, and only now am I experiencing battery life problems (going to attempt to replace). Bar the weight, I have been happy with it’s performance. If I botch the battery replacement, I’ll be in the market for the sport!

I agree the app is terrible but I have not had an issue extracting video when just plugging the unit into my computer.

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that means Cycliq’s software is as bad as Garmin’s?

I watched your video on this and it seems like this is a notable improvement on previous models. I’m tempted to pull the trigger on this as a replacement for the original fly12 that I have that has had some reliability problems.
I’m primarily interested in this as a ‘safety camera’, so I’m willing to put up with hassles as an action cam. With the image stabilization and higher res + charging while in use I am very tempted by this.

Did you run into any problems with it not recording when it was supposed to? My original fly 12 did that on my at least once, so I have difficulty trusting that it is actually recording all the time.


Has been fine so far. I’ve been using it a bit post review on my gravel bike rides. The only time it didn’t record is when I didn’t charge it… that was user error. :rofl:

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I’ve been playing with one the last few days. The software isn’t good, no wireless data transfer, and using a 360 camera with the ability to lock the horizon is much better for action camera footage but if your goal is to have a dashcam for your bike it seems to do a great job at that. License plates are reflective though so you can’t always read them even though the camera is doing a good job capturing them.

There’s literally no competitor so if you feel safer recording everything, this is your option.

i ordered the Black Friday offer (Ultimate Bundle) that includes:
1x Fly12 Sport with 64GB SD card
1x Fly6 with 64GB SD card
1x Fly12 Sport Black Silicone Case
1x Fly6 Black Silicone Case
1x Fly12 Sport Lens Protector Pack
1x Fly6 Lens Protector Pack
1x Fly6 Adapter Pack
1x Universal Adapter Pack
1x Duo Mount

for 600 EUR, hope it was a good investment!

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