On board camera safety - USA

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I recently moved to the US and was wondering if any of you ride with a GoPro or similar for safety reasons? Coming from Switzerland where people are very considerate and having seen all kinds of crazy videos of inconsiderate drivers, even policemen, does it make sense to have an on board camera and if so which model is the best bang for the buck?

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I started riding with one this year, SJCAM M20. Thinking about adding a second facing back too

If I were you I’d move back to Switzerland. Don’t you read the news? Here in the USA, Civil War 2 kicks off in November. :smiley:
Kidding aside, I have heard of Cycliq but I don’t own one. https://cycliq.com/bike-cameras/
I use a Garmin Varia radar to alert me to vehicles coming from behind. It is awesome, but of course doesn’t address the collection of evidence if a driver decides to run me over. I have considered buying a camera for the same reasons you suggest. Let us know what you pick.

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I use a Cycliq Fly12 and a Fly6 mainly because of the generous battery life.

I have an old hero 3 but it’s a bit buggy when the battery gets low, and that’s after only a couple of hours runtime. I do like the look of the old tiny black cube ones (gopro session) they did a few years ago though, and could probably be picked up pretty cheap nowadays

I use a varia to add to my on-bike safety, which has been great.

I don’t currently have cameras. But, I can see that if you happen to have an encounter, people usually are on better behaviors when they are getting filmed. For after the fact reporting, I see mixed results - sometimes authorities follow up, sometimes they don’t. And for serious instances that may include litigation or criminal charges, footage can be a double-edged sword. There is an article I read, perhaps on bicyling.com, written by a cycling lawyer, who points out that if the discoverable footage (not just the incident) shows a cyclist slow rolling a stop sign, going through a red light, or similar, it could be used against the cyclist.

Just some food for thought.

Thanks for all your answers. The Cycliq cameras look very nice, but are bit too expensive for my taste - will likely go with a cheaper option. Will let you know what I chose.

Good points from Illmonty, will consider. The Varia also looks very nice…

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I’ve been using a garmin virb for the last 3 or 4 years. It’s only a front mount but I got it for a good deal. Recording time is just shy of 3 hours which is a typical road ride for me. I won’t ride without it on the road.

If I was getting a new camera, I’d get the cycliq front and rear.

I didn’t buy the camera for me. I bought it for my wife and family. If something happens to me, I want them to know that it wasn’t my fault and who to find.

Pretty sure Aldi had a camera/light identical to the cycliq, but much cheaper. There might be other similar ones around?

I had the front/back Cycliq cameras for awhile but eventually tired of them and sold them. Instead I now use a blinking front light (very helpful with cars on cross streets or pulling out of parking lots) and a Varia and have been very pleased.