Any Cycliq users?

I have been using a 12 and 6 for a long time now. Currently using the 12 CE and 6 CE2 ( think…). One of the selling points on them is the ability to control them on your Garmin, but I haven’t found it to work properly. They connect, but constantly drop out, plus don’t give the proper functions (or functions I like) like a steady light instead of flashing, etc. Anyone found a way to make them work well?

Unfortunately, they don’t have any competition right now, so they haven’t put a lot of work into getting them to work right. I have just been using them just independently because they work fine that way. But after getting a Varia that actually works, I kinda wish the Cycliq did too.

So in some cases the ANT+ and BLE connections are single point, meaning you can’t so something with them on your phone then try it on the camera. Try ensuring you’re only connecting a single device, and see what result you get.

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This sums up my experience with my Fly 12. I wish someone else would enter this space and do a better job, as the idea of their products is much better than their execution. Based on my experience with the 12 (OG), I’d have a tough time buying another product from them unless it was heavily discounted.


It won’t even connect to my phone if I tried, so I know that’s not it :joy:

I think Garmin could really do something nice here with a camera built into a Varia radar unit. This could record only when there was a radar contact, and likely get virtually all interesting incidents. This would do wonders for battery life in many cases.
Something like this with 6+ hour battery life (and able to operate while charging) would be an amazing device.


My 6 works well with the Garmin but the 12 doesn’t. So I’ve paired the 6 but the 12 I just control manually.

I can control the mode on the 6 through the Garmin and it turns on when I start the 1030 so I can’t forget the tail light.

Have you tried unpairing the 12?

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I have. It works better by itself, but not ideal.

I REALLY wish I could just program which light options would run (I preset the options via the app). But the lights always default into an ultra bright mode that burns the battery.

If it makes you feel better, my experience with ANT+ control was the lights and garmin waking each other up and running themselves down.

Garmin 1030 and I assume others now support turning off the light network on a given profile. So set to Indoor profile and the lights won’t turn on. This made a HUGE difference

I just flick to the light widget on the head unit and override to the mode I want. Yes annoying but only 3 seconds.

I had the 12 and 6 a few years ago and was constantly frustrated by them. I eventually got rid of them. For me they were the most overhyped, under delivered sports tech product I ever dealt with.


I oscillate between exactly what you’ve said, and one of the best designed pieces of sport-tech :slight_smile: Sadly soo close, and yet soo far!

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It looks like Garmin is looking into it.

My wife and I have been through many sets of Cycliq 12 and 6 cameras.
2- Fly 12 OG (one sold, one dead)
2- Fly 6 OG with micro USB charge port (one sold, one dead)
2- Fly 12 CE (both still operational)
2- Fly 6 CE (both dead)
2- Fly 6 Gen3 (one arrived yesterday, other due next week)

My personal opinion is they are junk but no worthy competitors as of yet. Their software sucks and the units are not robust. After a friend was hit and killed with no witnesses, I adopted the use of cameras. Many of my buddies use them too. We report illegal passes and close calls to the police. In fact, I was sideswiped in an illegal pass last Thursday which was captured on my and my buddy’s cameras. I created a video and sent it to the police after contacting them when I got home.

A tip for Cycliq users, reformat your memory cards regularly as they become corrupt and you might not capture the video you thought you had.

Here is a frame from my buddy’s video. I didn’t post the video since it contains some unsavory language from both myself and buddy. Along with my arm making contact, the driver brushed my bars and thigh.

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I had the ‘not recording’ happening for who nows how long on my flyer. I’ll need to reformation the card more often.

I have used both the 6 and the 12 for several years. Agree that they can be better supported and need the technology updated. Updating the firmware is painful.

  • The 6 was losing charge faster and faster so I opened it up and replaced the battery myself. (Required wiring and soldering). The battery life with the new battery was better than new. Last year, I replaced the 6 with a Varia radar unit. I love it and feel much safer with this than with the Fly 6. Important for me as I don’t wear my hearing aids while riding.
  • I still use the Fly 12. Occasionally have to reseat the memory card as it jostles lose and the unit starts to complain. I find that I rarely look at the video unless something interesting happens on the ride that I want to share with my wife. I’ll keep using it until it dies but likely won’t buy another one.

There WAS another offering in this space awhile ago, and my SO bought a couple of them. He used them for a year or so, but they kept having overheating problems. Instead of fixing the issue they just went out of business. I can’t remember the brand, but I recall the guy was here in the SF Bay area.
EDIT: They were RideEye cameras.

I agree, I wish someone else would enter this space. I don’t like how big the CycleIQ cameras are. The 12 has the resolution but I don’t want the lights. Hard to have no options. I just don’t use a camera, but I wish I could. Also, people seem to forget that not everyone rides a 56cm bike, and therefore not everyone has a lot of space.

Fly6 CE.

-Battery life when not in use, is terrible unless you disable BLE and ANT+ … which was half the reason I got the BLE/ANT+ version to work with my Garmin 530.

-I should have just returned it when I found that out, but I waited too long.

-Basically have to use it in “dumb” mode with no BLE/ANT+ and charge it before every single ride.

-Bring on a Garmin or Cateye version!!!

Why am I not surprised that this happened in PA?

After some close calls, I started using the original Garmin Virb on all my road rides. It only has about 2.5-3 hours of recording time. I’ve considered upgrading to the Cycliq but this thread is making me reconsider.

When I remember to charge it I use a Session 5 as well on the front. I probably should pickup a second one for the rear.

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Same here. The batteries suck too. Degrades quickly, and dies quickly. And the newer version has even less battery in the rear. It’s like it’s made for someone that does 1hr rides.

I’m getting fed up with them, to be honest.

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