Cycling tourism and local support

Hello, hope everyone and the families are staying well. A thought occurred to me yesterday.

Cycling can be a bit of a destination sport, especially mountain biking. While travelling to cycling hotspots like Moab, Tucson, Whistler etc. Do many people make any donations or give support to local trail maintenance clubs or rider associations. Maybe not so much an issue for road riding. Resorts get your money from the lift ticket but I am just thinking that a lot of mtb trails are volunteer maintained and if a lot of visitors are riding I hope they are supporting as well.

To be fair I visited western Alberta to mtb last fall and didn’t even think to throw the local trail assoc a few bucks. Feel ashamed now.

Any input from riders or trail assoc with experience on the matter is appreciated.

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I regularly bike in SW Alberta and i throw money into the trail fund every year for good trail Karma. I rode in Moab but i figured that i’d pumped enough bucks into the local economy what with accommodation, food, beer and van shuttles.